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Chandler Limited Germanium Pre/DI - One Channel Germanium Preamp/DI
Chandler's newest series of units starts off with the GERMANIUM pre amp. A completely new design by Chandler Limited designer Wade Goeke that uses classic germanium transistors in all class A, transformer balanced, circuits. The use of germanium devices opens a whole new sound palate not found in any pro audio equipment currently manufactured.

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These incredibly smooth sounding transistors were the basis of the earliest transistor designs by Neve (1053, 1055, 1057), EMI ( TG12345 MKI), Telefunken, and Fairchild. Those familiar with these units can attest to the special sound of the germanium transistor. The GERMANIUM series runs on +40 volt power, high current, and has a huge +34 output before clipping. The sound is warm and smooth as with many vintage style circuits, but you'll find a whole new world of smooth here as well as a sound that settles in perfectly to your tracks without fighting. Add these new circuits to Chandler's new transformer line that combines the best parts of our favorite trannies, St Ives and Gardners, into new great sounding input and output transformers.

• Class-A Design, germanium transistors
• St. Ives and Gardners in- and output transformers
• DI input (100k ohms impedance)
• Germanium Drive / Feedback Control
• Variable Sound Design (Thick)
• High output level (+32dB)
• without PSU, option: PSU-1

• Input Impedance: 300 ohms
• Output Impedance = 600 ohms
• THD: 0.07%
• Input Level (max): +25db (Pad)
• Input Impedance (DI): 100k ohms
• Output Level (max): +32dBu
• Connectors: XLR, TRS (DI)
• Dimensions: 1 U
• Power requirements: External PSU-1

Condition New
Type Solid State Preamplifier
Application Tracking & Mixing
Channels Mono
Circuit Solid State
Inout transformer(s) St Ives
Output transformer(s) Gardners
Format 19"
Chassis 1 U
Quantity 1
Color Grey & White

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Starting from these classic and vintage designs Chandler Limited has further developed some of the basic circuitry and remodeled and adapted them to present you with some of the finest and most versatile products available on the market today. Like the Vintage equipment used to record the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many other ground breaking bands, all Chandler equipment is strictly hand wired. In recent years Chandler products have been featured prominently in albums, movies, and even video games.

Product range
• Equalizer
• Compressors
• Limiter
• Mixer
• Preamplifier
• Studio microphones
• Abbey Road Studios certified signal processors
• Guitar amps and pedals

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