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  • Punchlight Studio Display SD2 Punchlight Studio Display SD2
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    Punchlight Studio Display SD2

    The versatile Studio Displays are used in many of the world's recording and post production studios. It is a great help in orientation during in large projects or dubbing. The imaginative design enhances the professional aluminum frame in black or platinum color and is the perfect size for large or small studios.The Punchlight Studio Display SD2 greatly...

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  • Punchlight Studio Display USB Punchlight Studio Display USB
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    Punchlight Studio Display USB

    Punchlight Studio Display USB is for when you need to see time code precisely and independently from your monitor. The Studio Display USB greatly expands the features of the existing Time code Display. In addition to time code, the display can show bars&beats, time, or samples. It is extremely slim and compact, 16 mm thin.Compatible with Pro Tools,...

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  • Punchlight Studio Display XT2 Punchlight Studio Display XT2
    Availability : 8 days
    Punchlight Studio Display XT2

    Punchlight Studio Display XT2 displays: Bars & Beats / Feet+Frames, Timecode / Samples / Time. It's also a Midi Timecode (MTC) reader and Indicates recording Start / Stop, Record-ready / Pre-roll / Post-roll, Clock and comes with a Sleep mode. Can also display Custom messages with general brightness control and the Recording indication can be set On or off.

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  • Punchlight Studio Display XXL Punchlight Studio Display XXL
    Availability : 15 days
    Punchlight Studio Display XXL

    Punchlight Studio Diplay XXL is measuring 5.6 ft x 1.08 ft, the largest Time Code Display ever produced in the world. Like the rest of the PunchLight Time Code displays, it has accurate timing direct from any DAW (such as ProTools, Logic Pro, Cubase etc.), alternative modes of display such as Bars/Beats, and is handsomely finished in aluminum.

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  • Punchlight WLi Punchlight WLi
    Availability : 8 days
    Punchlight WLi

    PunchLight WLi is a unique product which uses wireless technology to connect your computer to studio warning lights.It allows the of use of previously installed PunchLight lights and the expansion of the light system without cables - it can also connect to one external light via 12v output. The WLi connects to your computer via USB and transmits to each...

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  • Teknosign On Air Teknosign On Air
    Availability : 5 days
    Teknosign On Air

    On Air is a new and innovative display for your recording studio. It enjoys great visibility, also at a distance. Connected to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a USB cable and using its dedicated plug-in, On Air can display the following messages:• Time signature• Sample rate• Song position in samples, time, and beat• Click and Tempo• Playback...

    959,00 €
    799,17 €   tax excl.

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