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  • Hear Technologies AM12 Ambient Microphone
    Availability : 10 days
    Hear Technologies AM12 Ambient Microphone

    AM12 ambient & Talkback micThe AM12 Ambient Microphone is a 12 inch podium-style, condenser gooseneck mic with super cardioid pattern for use with Hear Back PRO Mixer as an ambient or intercom microphone.  The AM12 features 15 volt phantom power, 30hz – 16khz frequency response, and -40db sensitivity.

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  • Mesanovic Model 2 Mesanovic Model 2
    Availability : 6 days
    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2

    Mesanovic Microphone MODEL 2 the most versatile ribbon microphone ever made• The most extended high end frequency response of any ribbon• Classic ribbon smoothness with an open and transparent low end• All original design delivering unique sonic character• Slim compact design allows for easy set up• Low noise, low distortion, exceptional detail, and 3D...

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  • Mesanovic Microphones Model 2A Mesanovic Microphones Model 2A
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    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2A

    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2A Active Ribbon MicrophoneThe Model 2A is an active version of the Model 2 ribbon microphone. The Model 2A utilizes the same design features found in the Model 2 and offers the same unique sonic character. The microphone contains our signature motor structure and custom designed resonator plates to provide the incredibly...

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  • Mesanovic Model 2S Mesanovic Model 2S
    Availability : I6 days
    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2S

    Mesanovic Microphones THE MODEL 2S Capture stunning stereo recordings with ease• Identical transformer and ribbon motor construction as the Model 2 delivers the same unique sonic character• Provides outstanding phase coherent stereo recordings every time• Incredibly easy to set up and capture perfect stereo recordings• Ideal for orchestral and choral...

    2 169,98 €
    1 808,32 €   tax excl.

  • Pearlman Microphones TM-1 Pearlman Microphones TM-1
    Availability : In stock
    Pearlman Micriphons TM-1

    PEARLMAN MICROPHONES TM-1The Pearlman TM 1 Microphone was designed by and is hand made by Dave Pearlman of ROTUND RASCAL RECORDING STUDIO. It is a high-quality microphone made for professional studio use but priced for the home recordist. Many studios using digital recording, (Pro Tools, etc.), need a front end system to warm up their recordings. All...

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  • Pearlman Microphones CHURCH MIcrophone Pearlman Microphones CHURCH MIcrophone
    Availability : In stock
    Pearlman Microphones Church Microphone

    PEARLMAN MICROPHONES CHURCH MICROPHONEThe PEARLMAN “CHURCH” microphone is a faithful remake of the Stanley Church MGM microphone from the 1950’s. Dave Pearlman has stayed true to the original schematics including the use of vintage, refurbished K47 and M7 capsules, a hand selected 6072 dual triode (12AY7) and the original TRIAD transformer that is being...

    3 698,21 €
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  • Pearlman Microphones TM-2 Pearlman Microphones TM-2
    Availability : In stock
    Pearlman Microphones TM-2

    PEARLMAN MICROPHONES TM-2The PEARLMAN TM-2 is the answer to the many requests to offer a smaller, more affordable version of the TM-1. The mic is build around a military spec 6AK5 (EF95) pentode and uses the same basic point to point circuit as the TM-1 with a few small differences. The TM-2 uses a 32mm American made capsule and comes with all the same...

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  • Pearlman Microphones TM-250 Pearlman Microphones TM-250
    Availability : In stock
    Pearlman Microphones TM-250

    PEARLMAN MICROPHONES TM-250This new addition to the PEARLMAN line is a limited edition, custom order recreation of the famous Telefunken 250. Starting at the top this microphone utilizes a C12 type capsule hand-made in Denmark by Tim Campbell. A genuine AKG™ CK-12 capsule can be installed (whenever they are available) for an additional price. Old style...

    3 698,21 €
    3 081,85 €   tax excl.

  • Pearlman Microphones TM-47 Pearlman Microphones TM-47
    Availability : 10 days.
    Pearlman Microphones TM-47

    PEARLMAN MICROPHONES TM-47This microphone is based on the venerable U47 and is built in a body reminiscent of the classic look of the 50s and 60s. The stock TM-47 is a cardioid microphone made with the Pearlman K47 style capsule (made in Southern California), a 6SJ7 or 6AC7 tube, hand wired, point-to-point circuit with paper-in-oil output capacitor, and...

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  • Pearlman Microphones TM-LE Pearlman Microphones TM-LE
    Availability : In stock
    Pearlman Microphones TM-LE

    PEARLMAN MICROPHONES TM-LEFollowing the success of the PEARLMAN TM-1, the release of the PEARLMAN CHURCH Mic and the affordable PEARLMAN TM-2 comes the PEARLMAN TM-LE, A Limited Edition large diaphragm condenser tube microphone made exclusively for Petes Place Audio. The TM-LE is a handcrafted microphone that has been described by Professional Recording...

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  • Roswell Pro Audio Colares Roswell Pro Audio Colares
    Availability : In stock
    Roswell Pro Audio Colares

    Roswell Pro Audio Colares • Boutique Vocal Condenser MicrophoneThe Colares is a large-body condenser microphone with a larger than life sound. It is our flagship vocal microphone, and excels at injecting color, vibe, excitement, and life to a track.This is not a neutral or transparent microphone. It is unapologetically rich in both tone and harmonics. The...

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  • Roswell Audio Delphos Roswell Audio Delphos
    Availability : In stock
    Roswell Pro Audio Delphos

    Roswell Audio Pro Delphos is a premium studio condenser microphone, featuring unhyped and natural frequency response, very high sensitivity, and very low self-noise. The microphone uses a highly optimized transformer-less circuit, which provides a pristine signal path. The microphone's circuit boards are manufactured and populated in the US, using the...

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    950,00 €   tax excl.

  • Roswell Pro Audio Delphos II Roswell Pro Audio Delphos II
    Availability : In stock
    Roswell Pro Audio Delphos II

    Roswell Pro Audio Delphos II is a premium studio condenser microphone, featuring unhyped and natural frequency response, very high sensitivity, and very low self-noise. It has 3 polar patterns (True Cardioid, Omni, Figure 8) and a switchable 10dB pad.The Delphos II is an upgrade to the original Delphos, which helped establish Roswell as a source for...

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    950,00 €   tax excl.

  • Roswell Audio mini K47 Roswell Audio mini K47
    Availability : In stock
    Roswell Pro Audio mini K47

    Roswell Audio Mini K47 captures the tone of a vintage microphone, with modern performance specifications. "K47" refers to the capsule design. The capsule in this microphone is modeled after the one in the most famous microphone of all time. It provides a full, balanced tone without any harshness or hype in the upper frequencies. It will record less...

    434,00 €
    361,66 €   tax excl.

  • Roswell Audio Mini K47 Matched Pair Roswell Audio Mini K47 Matched Pair
    Availability : In stock
    Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 Matched Pair

    Roswell Audio's Mini K47 has become a favorite on drum overheads for many of our customers. See multiple example videos that demonstrate how these mics sound on drums. We match Mini K47s to 0.5dB in sensitivity (measured at 1kHz), and about 1.5dB in frequency response, 50Hz–15kHz. Acoustic testing is done at Roswell HQ in northern California. Each...

    924,55 €
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