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  • Weight Tank Preamp WT-72 Weight Tank Preamp WT-72
    Availability : 8 days
    Weight Tank Preamp WT-72

    Weight Tank WT-72 PREAMP - ADD HISTORIC GERMAN TUBE PREAMP GAIN TO YOUR ARSENALThe WT-72 brings you the character that the original V72 console modules are known for!Inspired by the V72 modules originally built for the German Radio Network, the WT-72 offers 56 dB of gain, which can be driven by a microphone or line level source. The vintage modules only...

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    Disponibilité : 8 days
    Weight Tank WT-COMP

    Weight Tank WT-COMP - ADD WEIGHT, HARMONICS & CHARACTER TO YOUR SOUND.The Weight Tank Compressor will put a stamp on any material run through its circuitry. The smooth and euphonic sound of soft-knee vari-mu compression paired with thick, distinct and colorful harmonic saturation makes the Weight Tank Compressor very unique.Unlike its cousin, the...

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  • Wes Audio Beta76 Wes Audio Beta76
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    WesAudio Beta76

    WesAudio Beta76 FET compressor/limiter An evolution of the 1176 Compressor by WesAudio introducing several significant structural improvements against the original version. One of the most important changes is two mode switch – Modern / Vintage – deciding on the circuit of the desymmetrization of the input signal. Modern Mode – is an electronic circuit,...

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  • WesAudio CALYPSO WesAudio CALYPSO
    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio CALYPSO

    WesAudio CALYPSO NG500 / 500 Series Audio InterfaceCALYPSO is an audio interface designed to work in 500 series enclosure. It features state of art 8 channels of AD/DA conversion and perfectly integrates with ng500 chassis – _TITAN, through I.A.C. connector. Besides its very convenient integration with ng500 chassis, it still can be used in standard 500...

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  • WesAudio Dione WesAudio Dione
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    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio Dione

    WesAudio DIONE Analog BUS Compressor with Digital RecallLegendary sound of Stereo Bus compressor has been true companion on countless recordings since 40 years. Often recognized as “mixbus glue”, this particular compression sound have become industry standard. We present _DIONE – fully analog, legendary VCA compressor with digital recall.

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  • WesAudio DUE-PRE WesAudio DUE-PRE
    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio DUE-PRE

    WesAudio DUE-PRE – fully discrete mic/instrument 500 series preamp with two modes of operation.Preamp circuit is switchable between two amps: RED and GREEN. RED mode is a British classic style preamp (1073) and GREEN is an American vintage style preamp (discrete opamp). Both preamps have unique sonic textures known as a best classical sound...

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  • WesAudio Hyperion WesAudio Hyperion
    Availability : 6 days
    WesAudio Hyperion

    WesAudio HYPERION is fully analog 4 band parametric EQ with +24dBu of headroom. It features a lot of innovative improvements that no other processor on the market provides. Its innovative design utilizes 15 VCAs per channel to provide essentially noiseless parameter changes and very musical nature. HYPERION is next product in NG500 line where total recall...

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  • WesAudio LC-EQP WesAudio LC-EQP
    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio LC-EQP

    WesAudio LC-EQP single channel passive equalizer with tube amplifying stageThe EQ input system is based on a Carnhill linear transformer which matching input impedance. The input impedance is > 1.5 kohm. It Is higher than in similar class devices. As a result, the equalizer does not load the signal source, by which it is controlled. The equalization...

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  • WesAudio Mimas WesAudio Mimas
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    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio Mimas

    WesAudio MIMAS 1176 Style Analog Compressor with Digital RecallNEW IMPLEMENTATION OF A LEGENDSince year 1968 this style of compression dominated hundreds of recordings and to this day it is most commonly used signal processor in the industry. Lightning-fast attack and release times became main companions of audio engineers. WesAudio proudly presents...

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  • WesAudio Prometheus WesAudio Prometheus
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    WesAudio Prometheus

    WesAudio NG500 Fully Analog Passive Equalizer with Digital Recall_PROMETHEUS is fully analog passive EQ with +24dBu of headroom. It features pultec-style warm sound with a lot of innovative improvements. Its modern approach to design allows instant recall of your classic vibe through very flexible plugin available in most common formats. _PROMETHEUS as...

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  • WesAudio Superccarier II WesAudio Superccarier II
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    WesAudio Supercarrier II

    WesAudio Supercarrier II – 11 slot 500 series rack fully compatible with API standard.Supercarrier II is a second generation of our very popular Supercarrier I – 500 series standardized chassis. It features 11 slots with innovative ISP technology. ISP – Independent Slot Power – is a solution which makes a huge breakthrough in 500 series powering system,...

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  • WesAudio Timbre WesAudio Timbre
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    WesAudio Timbre

    WesAudio Timbre – Vari-mu Tube CompressorAs always It’s all about compression so we’ve created “Timbre” – an all tube vari-mu compressor based on the 6386 tube, inspired by the old, famous and much desired Gates STA-Level compressor. The Timbre is easy to use, full of color and sweetness. It is a vintage-style compressor made from the highest quality of...

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  • WesAudio Titan WesAudio Titan
    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio Titan

    WesAudio TITAN is a complete recall system designed to provide total integration with your beloved analogue equipment. It extends 500 series connector with additional pins where modules can be designed to support digital recall or any other vendor specific functionalities. This extension is part of new open standard “ng500” – “Next Generation 500 series”...

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