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  • Burl Audio BMB4
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    Burl Audio BMB4

    BURL Audio BMB4 features an Ethernet port for 64 IO channels of Waves SoundGrid connectivity.  SoundGrid is an Audio-over-Ethernet networking and processing technology developed by Waves. SoundGrid provides extremely low-latency, high-channel-count audio processing using standard Intel CPUs and 1 Gbps Ethernet networks for studio, live sound, and other...

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  • Burl Audio BMB5
    Availability : 6 days
    Burl Audio BMB5

    Burl Audio BMB5 USB MotherboardThe Burl BMB5 features USB connectivity. Designed exclusively for the B16 Mothership chassis, the BMB5 provides an easy interface to any computer via USB.  If you don’t need high channel count, the B16 with the BMB5 is a great way to go with a BAD8 offering 8 inputs and BDA8 for 8 outputs. The BMB5 motherboard is provided as...

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  • Cranborne Audio 500ADAT Cranborne Audio 500ADAT
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    Cranborne Audio 500ADAT

    Cranborne Audio 500ADAT - All in one studio ADATThe perfect companion to any ADAT-equipped audio interface. Cranborne Audio 500ADAT is an 8in/8out ADAT expander with high-performance conversion and low-jitter internal clock, analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer, and 8-slot high current 500 series rack.

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  • Dante AVIO USB Adapter Dante AVIO USB Adapter
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    Dante AVIO USB Adapter

    The Dante AVIO USB Adapter lets you connect any computer to a Dante audio network with zero software installation, and can be used with any audio application for playout or recording. Ideal for conference rooms and presentation events.

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  • Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II
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    Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II

    Henry Engineering USB Matchbox II is a professional USB-to-XLR multi-mode stereo audio codec. It provides unparalleled audio performance with the ease of USB connectivity. The USB Matchbox II is ideal wherever computer audio needs to interface with a professional analog or digital audio system. The USB Matchbox II provides balanced analog inputs and...

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