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  • Dante AVIO AES3/EBU Adapter

    The Dante AVIO AES3/EBU Adapter lets you use your favorite digital audio gear on a Dante audio network. Don’t abandon great AES3-connected amplifiers, DSPs and mic preamps - adapt them to the world of audio networking with Dante AVIO.

  • Audnate AVIO Analog Inputs Audnate AVIO Analog Inputs
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    Dante AVIO analog Adapter

    Dante AVIO Analog Inputs let you use analog audio line-level source gear you already own to feed any Dante-connected system. Don’t abandon trusted mixing consoles, wireless mics and other analog sources - adapt them to the world of audio networking with Dante AVIO. Available in 1- and 2-channel versions.

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  • M360 Surround Manager & Mixdown M360 Surround Manager & Mixdown
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    Dante AVIO Analog Outputs

    Dante AVIO Analog Outputs let you drive analog line-level products you already own from any Dante-connected system. Bring your amplifiers, powered speakers and more to the world of audio networking with Dante AVIO. Available in 1- and 2-channel versions.

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  • Dante AVIO USB Adapter Dante AVIO USB Adapter
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    Dante AVIO USB Adapter

    The Dante AVIO USB Adapter lets you connect any computer to a Dante audio network with zero software installation, and can be used with any audio application for playout or recording. Ideal for conference rooms and presentation events.

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  • Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4 Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4
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    Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4

    Henry Engineering AES Digital DA 2X4 is a distribution system for digital audio signals. It can accept either an AES or S/PDIF digital audio stream, and create four identical AES outputs. The AES DA is 100% bit-accurate and transparent to the source, adding absolutely no delay or latency to the signal. The AES input and all four AES outputs are...

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  • Henry Engineering DigiMatch 2x6 Henry Engineering DigiMatch 2x6
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    Henry Engineering DigiMatch 2x6

    Henry Engineering DigiMatch 2x6 is an AES/EBU-to-SPDIF interface and distribution amplifier for digital audio signals. DigiMatch has two distinct functions: (a) to convert between professional (balanced) AES/EBU and consumer (unbalanced) SPDIF digital audio signals; and (b) to distribute a digital input signal(s) to multiple destinations. DigiMatch has 2...

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  • Henry Engineering LogiConverter Henry Engineering LogiConverter
    Availability : 5 dats
    Henry Engineering LogiConverter

    Henry Engineering LogiConverter is a general purpose control interface that eliminates the incompatibility between various audio and video equipment remote control circuits. LogiConverter has 4 opto-isolated inputs that control 4 isolated relay outputs. The unit can be programmed to provide either latched or momentary outputs from either continuous or...

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  • Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD
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    Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD

    Whenever you need to connect consumer gear to professional equipment, Henry Engineering Matchbox-HD is the way to go! Matchbox-HD eliminates the hum, buzz, and distortion caused by mismatched levels and impedances. Matchbox-HD is ideal for devices that play and record, such as DAT recorders and computer sound cards. Don't trust your audio to inexpensive...

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  • Henry Engineering MultiPort Henry Engineering MultiPort
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    Henry Engineering MultiPort

    It happens often: someone comes into your studio and wants to connect their CD player, iPod, portable digital recorder, flash drive, cassette deck, or whatever to your studio. Either they want to play something to your studio, or they want to record audio from your studio. It might be professional gear or a consumer device. It might be analog or digital....

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  • Henry Engineering TwinMatch Henry Engineering TwinMatch
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    Henry Engineering TwinMatch

    Henry Engineering TwinMatch is a dual-stereo (4-channel) level and impedance converter that interfaces two “consumer” stereo outputs with professional balanced equipment. TwinMatch is ideal for use with a pair of stereo CD players or other "play only" sources. The unit accepts four channels (2 stereo pairs) of -10 dBv unbalanced audio and converts to...

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