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  • Aurora Audio Vu mètres
    Availability : 3 weeks
    Aurora Audio Vu mètres

    19" 2RU rackable 4 channel stand-alone Vu meter panel  2U rackable pour 4 canaux (also available in dual channel on demand). The Sifam Vu meters are backlighted by LED and the I/O cables on XLR or Jack 1/4" connectors are included. 

    910,00 €
    758,33 €   tax excl.

  • Crookwwod Stereo Vu meter Crookwwod Stereo Vu meter
    Availability : In stock
    Crookwood Stereo Vu meter

    Crookwood Large Stereo VU Meter with attenuator- A real VU meter with attenuator and LED backlightsA large, real VU meter with precision Sifam units and LED backlights. Designed for modern workflows so you can concentrate on the music and not on metering:• Large, proper VU meter with Sifam VUs for accurate metering• LED backlighting so it’s easy to read...

    494,00 €
    411,67 €   tax excl.

  • Purple Audio MFMeters Purple Audio MFMeters
    Availability : 8 days
    Purple Audio MF Series Meter Bridge

    Purple Audio MF Series Meter Bridge is a 2 RU offers metering to the MFTwenty summing mixer to complete the modular 500 Series console, comes in two varieties:• Single DB-25 input for use with the MFTwenty 5, with cable.• Three DB-25 stacked input for use with a standard balanced 8 Pair Cables. For use as remote metering for DAW, Tape Machines, 5.1 or 7.1...

    950,30 €
    791,92 €   tax excl.

Rack mount standalone analog Vu meters

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