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GC Audio Inherit Rack Gyraf Audio Cartridge

GC Audio Inherit Rack + Gyraf Audio GY 4.5 Inherit Cartridge
GC Audio is proud to introduce a new preamp that extends the GC Audio cartridges family - based on a, now classic, design by Jakob Erland, founder of Gyraf Audio and designer of many high-end studio gears like the G9 preamplifier or the G22 compressor.

Jakob Erland is universally recognized as one of the leading experts in tube hardware design. He is also very popular in the DIY community where he provides free help.
The G4.5 Inherit cartridge is, as its name implies, a single channel of the famous Gyraf Audio Gyratec 9
preamp. Faithful to the original in every detail.

We recommend it e.g. for vocals, where by raising gain and lowering output volume, you can get a nice dense analog saturation without overloading your converters. This cartridge is a real creative tool.

GC Audio Inherit Rack is an innovative modular microphone and instrument preamplifier that allows, thanks to different Hot-swappable Solid State or tube cartridges, to benefit from several types of preamplifiers, offering different tones and sound characters, in a single 2U 19" rack allowing to compare a wide range of sounds instantly.

Currently, 9 cartridges are available (more coming soon). They all offer a class A circuit:

  • RE 15: Reissue of the Amek RN15 preamp, unbalanced and balanced by a very low noise Op-Amp
  • RE 11: Modern, high-gain monolithic preamplifier
  • RE 73: Reissue of the Neve 1073 preamp, unbalanced and balanced by an original Carnhill VTB9045 shielded transformer
  • RE 98: Reissue of the Amek 9098 preamp, very low noise discrete components, balanced by Lundahl 1585 transformer
  • RE VR: Improved reissue of the NEVE VR console preamp, de-balanced with a rebuilt Original TF10015 transformer, preamplified and balanced with a very low noise Op-Amp
  • RE 4K: Reissue of the SSL 4K E Series preamp, unbalanced by an original Jensen 115 transformer, preamp balanced by very low noise Op-Amp
  • Tube Heat: true high voltage tube preamp, unbalanced by transformer, no discrete components in the signal path
  • Graham Langley: Designed in collaboration with Graham Langley to create a preamp offering the most focused and accomplished preamp with its own unique signature, using the unique capabilities of the Inherit system
  • GY 4.5: Genuine tube preamplifier: Coming with two ECC82 running on high voltage

The proprietary Inherit format keeps the sensitive part of the electronic design in a one-piece machined cartridge that acts as a Faraday cage to offer optimal electromagnetic shielding performance.

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