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  • Barefoot Sound

    Barefoot Sound

    The US brand Barefoot Sound offers active monitoring speakers of and exceptional quality. The range consists of 3 to 4 way Mastering grade speakers suitable for tracking, mixing and mastering. These speakers are revolutionary since they are not based on the Bass Reflex technology, but sealed compartments for all drivers. 2 Sub-woofers placed back to back (except mm45) which suppress vibrations of the cabinet that influence other drivers by their vibrations (see our test video on Youtube). The other highlight is the patented "MEME" system, a simulation of 3 other types of speakers: NS10M, Auratone and Hi-Fi, but also an AES input 3.

    The Barefoot range includes: the 3 way mm45 or MicroMain45, the famous 3 way mm35, the legendary 3.5 way mm27, the new MM27 4-way and the 4 way flagship of the brand: MiniMain12 or MM12.

    Try this: lower the volume of your existing speakers. You lose the low and high frequencies? At high-volume, the top end become aggressive and the mids imprecise? The phenomenon is nonexistent with Barefoot, your mix stays even at all levels!

    These speakers' render is exceptionally accurate, tight, punchy and clear low ends, accurate mids unaltered by the sub-woofer and high definition smooth top end frequencies. Their stereo and 3D image will surprise you with its width and depth as well as the sweet spot that will allow you to work comfortably.

    Finally, the build quality exceeds all expectations with front / rear machined aluminum panels, aluminum Sub-woofers, the best amplifiers on the market: the Hypex and a cabinet with wave guides.

  • Bettermaker


    Bettermaker the Polish designer and manufacturer of professional audio equipment, is the pioneer and the first manufacturer to offer analog devices with digital controls. The first outboard combining the best of the two analog / digital worlds, offering the advantages of a plug-ins and analog machines, such as: automation read/write, storing and recalling internal or DAW presets and A/B of a single preset. The first products are analog EQs remotely controlled via AAX, RTAS, VST & AU compatible Plug-ins.

    500 Series Stereo parametric EQ: the EQ 542,  500 Series stereo Pultec type: EQ 502P, but also 19" rack series 5 band equalizer with internal M/S encoder / decoder, featuring a 2 band parametric and a 2 band Pultec Type section with a HPF with a 24dB/Octave slope: the EQ 232P. C502V a 500 Series stereo / Dual Mono Compressor offering 3 compression modes, intégrated M/S, Sidechain through USB & Look Ahead mode. Brickwall type stereo Mastering Limiter coming with 2 harmonic generators, Clipper and tons of on-board analyzers.

    All these units are also available in an exclusive remote controlled through the DAW version, without front panel controls, which makes them more affordable: the Remote range

  • Burl Audio

    Burl Audio

    Burl Audio designer and manufacturer of professional audio equipment is based in Santa Cruz, CA. USA. Products designed by sound engineers, enthusiasts of analog sound. BURL Audio offers a comprehensive range of devices like: B1 & B1D 500 Series Preamplifiers, B2 Bomber ADC & DAC A/D-D/A stereo converters and a modular A/D-D/A converter: the Mothership B80. But also a 32 channel summing mixer: the B32 Vancouver with switchable transformers and a monitoring controller: the B26 Orca.

    All BURL Audio products are very high quality, hand crafted products and are designed to offer the character and the typical warmth of pure analog circuit with discrete components.

  • Buzz Audio

    Buzz Audio

    Buzz Audio was formed in 1985 by Tim Farrant, the company was initially set up to provide technical services to New Zealand audio professionals. Tim's background in electronics, live sound engineering and later studio engineering led to the development of the companys first product, the True Class A MA-2 microphone preamplifier (now MA-2.2). The MA2 was well received by a handful of well known US engineers back in 1993 and this prompted Tim to continue to develop new products with an emphasis on innovative electronic design. Today the company continues to grow and aims to become a household name within the international recording industry.

  • Bricasti Design

    Bricasti Design

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