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  • Aurora Audio GTQ2 Aurora Audio GTQ2
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    Aurora Audio GTQ2

    Geoff Tanner’s design incorporates balanced transformer input and output. Our transformers are made to Geoff’s exacting specifications by the old Marinair crew in the United Kingdom. This results in the warm yet extremely punchy sound that only great iron can provide.The adjustable input impedance coupled with 80dB of available gain makes the GTQ2 ideal...

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    Chandler Limited TG12411 Channel - TG Channel MKII

    CHANDLER LIMITED TG12411 Channel - TG Channel MKII Channel StripThe Chandler Limited TG12411 channel, formerly known as the TG Channel MKII, is a recreation of several classic circuits - combining Wade Goeke's design of the TG2 pre amp section with an equalizer that was redesigned from a circuit used in the TG12410 Transfer Console, the mastering...

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  • Coil Audio CA-286 Coil Audio CA-286
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    Coil Audio CA-286

    Coil Audio CA-286 Modular Microphone/Line AmplifierThe CA-286 preamp module is a tribute to the classic 1950’s and 60’s European two-stage amplifier made popular by Telefunken™, Langevin™, Collins™, and Gates™. The CA-286 excels in high fidelity recording applications providing the rich, detailed midrange often associated with vintage EF86 tube based...

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  • Coil Audio CA-70 Coil Audio CA-70
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    Coil Audio CA-70

    Coil Audio CA-70 Modular Microphone / Line Tube AmplifierThe CA-70 preamplifier module pays homage to the classic American two-stage circuit invented by Western Electric in 1913 and manufactured by multiple companys from the 1930's through the 1950's – most notably RCA, Gates, and Langevin. This old octal tube circuit has a huge thick tone and is what...

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  • Lindell Audio 18XS MKII Lindell Audio 18XS MKII
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    Lindell Audio 18XS MKII

    Lindell Audio 18Xs MKII is a one channel transformer coupled Microphone Preamplifier, DI, Line Amplifier and Passive Pultec Equalizer. It’s an Class A design based upon our Hybrid amplifiers. (It can be upgraded with our Vintage OPA)The Equalizer is our take on the magical classic Pultec design. It’s got 15db boost of the creamiest high end you’ve ever...

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