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  • WesAudio Dione Eclipse WesAudio Dione Eclipse
    -120,00 € New
    Availability : In stock
    WesAudio Dione Eclipse

    WesAudio DIONE ECLIPSE Black Face Limited Version Legendary sound of Stereo Bus compressor has been true companion on countless recordings since 40 years. Often recognized as “mixbus glue”, this particular compression sound have become industry standard. We present _DIONE – fully analog, legendary VCA compressor with digital recall.

    1 138,80 €
    949,00 €   tax excl.

    1 258,80 € -120,00 €
  • Bettermaker Darthlimiter - Right Pots Bettermaker Darthlimiter - Right Pots
    -400,00 € New
    Availability : End of November
    Bettermaker Darthlimiter

    Bettermaker Darthlimiter is an exclusive limited edition celebrating 1000 Mastering Limiters sold.  Only 200 pieces available!When you need premium sound quality limiting and convince of fast and precise recall and automation.Bettermaker Darthlimiter offers, 100% analog signal path, plugin recall and automation within your project, frequency dependent...

    2 800,00 €
    2 333,33 €   tax excl.

    3 200,00 € -400,00 €
  • Camden EC1 Camden EC1
    Availability: 5 days
    Cranborne Audio Camden EC1

    Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 combines the multi award winning Camden preamp technology with a reference-grade headphone amplifier to elevate your audio interface’s front-end to a professional level. Award Winning PedigreeCamden EC1 introduces one of the cleanest and most transparent preamps on the market into a standalone, desktop-friendly chassis that can...

    649,00 €
    540,83 €   tax excl.

  • Mojave Audio SM-200 Mojave Audio SM-200
    Avaialbility: 5 days
    Mojave Audio SM-200

    Mojave Audio SM-200 Shock MountThe Mojave Audio SM-200 Shock Mount is the standard replacement shock mount for MA-300, MA-200, MA-301fet, MA-201fet microphones.Do you own a Mojave Audio large diaphragm tube/condenser microphone, but the original shock mount is either damaged or lost? Never fear - We have the solution for you! The Mojave Audio SM-200...

    154,80 €
    129,00 €   tax excl.

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