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  • Phonic PAA3X Phonic PAA3X
    -200,00 € New

    Phonic PAA3X - Handheld Audio Analyzer Functions• 31 or 61 band spectrum analyzer in real time• Reverberation time measurement or RT60• SPL meter• Internal signal generator for calibration of converter and all audio equipment at line level (+4db)• Microphone calibrator• Graphical EQ setting• Phase verification for enclosure• Menu navigation via wheel or...

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    750,00 € -200,00 €
  • Smart Research C2-B Smart Research C2-B
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    Smart Research C2-B

    Smart Research C2-B offers an additional parallel compression stage, or a Blend function to the famous C2 VCA compressor by Alan Smart. The pot is located on the left of the front panel. The unit houses two independent mono compressors, in stereo mode, the left channel controls adjust the settings of both channels, so the right channel controls are no...

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  • Barefoot LFE15 Barefoot LFE15
    Availability : 4 weeks
    Barefoot LFE15

    Barefoot LFE15 - 2 Way active SubwooferThe long waited Barezfoout Sound subwoofer has 2 x 15" and 1 x 8" active drivers, Dual Technology, force cancellation. Unique 2 way subwoofer offering +10dB sensitivity boost. Low-pass filters at : 80Hz and 120Hz, with e 6dB/octave slope, first order filters offering a nice bass shelf without phase cancellation for...

    7 963,16 €
    6 635,97 €   tax excl.

  • Vacuvox U23M Vacuvox U23M
    Availability : 8 weeks
    Vacuvox U23M

    Vuacuvox U23M Vari-Mu Compressor / LimiterThe Vacuvox U23 builds upon the legacy of the Vacuvox CL-2 for which the Rohde & Schwarz U-23 broadcast limiter served as a basis. Several improvements have taken the design and functionality of the CL-2 a step further while preserving the euphonic sound of the original.The Vacuvox U23 has an all class-A...

    9 000,00 €
    7 500,00 €   tax excl.

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