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  • Aurora Audio Stinger

    Aurora Audio stinger is the same Class A discrete preamp, three band equalizer (featuring selectable midrange) and DI found in the legendary GTQ2. From there, a 100 millimeter RS fader (optional P&G fader also available) is at your disposal to control the final output level. The 20 segment LED meter allows for easy monitoring of levels along with the...

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  • Coil Audio CA-70 Coil Audio CA-70
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    Coil Audio CA-70

    Coil Audio CA-70 Modular Microphone / Line Tube AmplifierThe CA-70 preamplifier module pays homage to the classic American two-stage circuit invented by Western Electric in 1913 and manufactured by multiple companys from the 1930's through the 1950's – most notably RCA, Gates, and Langevin. This old octal tube circuit has a huge thick tone and is what...

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