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  • Barefoot Footprint01 Barefoot Footprint01
    Availability : 4-5 weeks
    Barefoot Footprint01 (single)

    BAREFOOT FOOTPRINT01, FP-01- THE FIRST IN A NEW SERIES FROM BAREFOOT SOUND Barefoot Sound’s new Footprint line of powered nearfield monitors delivers the company’s uncompromising audio performance and build quality to engineers, producers, composers and musicians working in smaller spaces and with smaller budgets.The new line launches with the...

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  • EZ Acoustics Wedges 5 EZ Acoustics Wedges 5
    Availability : In stock
    Barefoot Footprint02 (single)

    THE BEST 3-WAY MONITOR IN ITS CLASS HAS A NEW SIBLING. MEET BAREFOOT SOUND’S FOOTPRINT02!Barefoot Sound hit a sweet spot when it introduced the Footprint01, the first in a new line of active 3-way speakers designed specifically for today’s evolving production workflows. Recording engineers, producers, composers, musicians and beat-makers as well as...

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  • Barefoot LFE15 Barefoot LFE15
    Availability : 4 weeks
    Barefoot LFE15

    Barefoot LFE15 - 2 Way active SubwooferThe long waited Barezfoout Sound subwoofer has 2 x 15" and 1 x 8" active drivers, Dual Technology, force cancellation. Unique 2 way subwoofer offering +10dB sensitivity boost. Low-pass filters at : 80Hz and 120Hz, with e 6dB/octave slope, first order filters offering a nice bass shelf without phase cancellation for...

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  • Barefoot Sound Masterstack12 Barefoot Sound Masterstack12
    Availability : 10 weeks
    Barefoot Masterstack12 (Single)

    The Barefoot Sound MasterStack12 is a 4.5-way active modular tower system with 10 drive units housed in sealed enclosures spanning 18Hz to 40kHz with vanishingly low distortion, breathtaking dynamic range and ultra-fast transient response. Every driver has an under-hung voice coil moving inside an advanced geometry motor that enables it make extremely...

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  • Barefoot MicroStack45 Barefoot MicroStack45
    Availability : 10 days
    Barefoot MicroStack45 (single)

    Barefoot Sound MicroStack45 - 3-way Active Reference Monitors and Stereo Subwoofers with MEME™ TechnologyFeatures• 2220 Watts of Power• 80 Hz Balanced Analog High-Pass Filter• Bass Response Down to 25 Hz• Dual-Force™ Technology• (6) 8” Aluminum Woofers• Dual-Force™ Technology• MEME™ Technology

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  • Barefoot MicoSub45 Barefoot MicoSub45
    Availability : 12 days
    Barefoot MicroSub45 (Single)

    Barefoot MicroSub45 1000 WATT Active Dual-Force SubwooferIntroducing the MicroSub45. Featuring Barefoot Sound’s innovative Dual-Force™ technology, the MicroSub45 brings the MicroMain45 to new power and depths. The subwoofers boasts dual-opposing 8” subs in each of the two cabinets.

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  • Barefoot Sound MicroMain12 Barefoot Sound MicroMain12
    Availability : 3 weeks
    Barefoot MM12 (Single)

    Arguably the most accurate, revealing, and technologically advanced recording monitor ever made, the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 is a no-compromise four-way titan packed with no fewer than seven drive units. Barefoot housed the septet of drivers inside the MM12's sealed enclosures, effortlessly delivering 20Hz to 40kHz with vanishing low distortion,...

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  • Barefoot Sound MM26 Barefoot Sound MM26
    Availability : In stock
    Barefoot MM26 (Single)

    Barefoot Sound is proud to introduce the MicroMain26. Based on the renowned MicroMain27 Gen2 platform, the MM26 raises the performance to new highs with the addition of Barefoot’s incredibly transparent and detailed 2.5” aluminum cone midrange. The MM26 delivers everything the MM27 is famous for and even more. The displayed price is for a Single speaker

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  • Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Barefoot Sound MicroMain27
    Availability : In stock
    Barefoot MM27 Gen2 (Single)

    The Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2 takes Barefoot’s all-in-one monitoring concept to new heights. Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Thomas Barefoot has spent years further refining one of the most revered recording studio monitors in the world. These refinements preserve the effortless translation that has defined the Barefoot brand, but are an...

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  • Barefoot Sound MicroMain45 Barefoot Sound MicroMain45
    Availability : 8 days
    Barefoot MM45 (Single)

    Barefoot’s Best Becomes More Affordable with the MicroMain45For fans of Barefoot Sound, you’ll know the MiniMain12 as one of the most innovative monitors in the pro audio world. Offering accurate sounds that won’t compromise, the monitor is a perfect fit in any studio without a budget constraint. For Barefoot’s new Micromain45, the brand has stripped down...

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  • Barefoot Sound MM12 Handles

    Set of 4 solid steel handles for Barefoot Sound MM12 speaker. 4 handles for each speaker.

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The US brand Barefoot Sound offers active monitoring speakers of and exceptional quality. The range consists of 3 to 4 way Mastering grade speakers suitable for tracking, mixing and mastering. These speakers are revolutionary since they are not based on the Bass Reflex technology, but sealed compartments for all drivers. 2 Sub-woofers placed bac...

The US brand Barefoot Sound offers active monitoring speakers of and exceptional quality. The range consists of 3 to 4 way Mastering grade speakers suitable for tracking, mixing and mastering. These speakers are revolutionary since they are not based on the Bass Reflex technology, but sealed compartments for all drivers. 2 Sub-woofers placed back to back (except mm45) which suppress vibrations of the cabinet that influence other drivers by their vibrations (see our test video on Youtube). The other highlight is the patented "MEME" system, a simulation of 3 other types of speakers: NS10M, Auratone and Hi-Fi, but also an AES input 3.

The Barefoot range includes: the 3 way mm45 or MicroMain45, the famous 3 way mm35, the legendary 3.5 way mm27, the new MM27 4-way and the 4 way flagship of the brand: MiniMain12 or MM12.

Try this: lower the volume of your existing speakers. You lose the low and high frequencies? At high-volume, the top end become aggressive and the mids imprecise? The phenomenon is nonexistent with Barefoot, your mix stays even at all levels!

These speakers' render is exceptionally accurate, tight, punchy and clear low ends, accurate mids unaltered by the sub-woofer and high definition smooth top end frequencies. Their stereo and 3D image will surprise you with its width and depth as well as the sweet spot that will allow you to work comfortably.

Finally, the build quality exceeds all expectations with front / rear machined aluminum panels, aluminum Sub-woofers, the best amplifiers on the market: the Hypex and a cabinet with wave guides.

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