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  • Burl Audio B26 ORCA Burl Audio B26 ORCA
    Availability : 5 days
    Burl Audio B26 ORCA

    The ORCA is the most highly evolved of all aquatic species. One who uses sonic superiority and harmony to dominate his environment, the ORCA is the APEX PREDATOR of all of the oceans of the Earth.Thriving off of the Island of VANCOUVER, pods of ORCAS silently stalk their prey, present just under the surface; listening, threatening.Evolve your listening,...

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  • Cranborne Audio 500ADAT Cranborne Audio 500ADAT
    Availability : 6 days
    Cranborne Audio 500ADAT

    Cranborne Audio 500ADAT - All in one studio ADATThe perfect companion to any ADAT-equipped audio interface. Cranborne Audio 500ADAT is an 8in/8out ADAT expander with high-performance conversion and low-jitter internal clock, analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer, and 8-slot high current 500 series rack.

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  • Cranborne Audio 500R8 Cranborne Audio 500R8
    Availability : In stock
    Cranborne Audio 500R8

    Cranborne Audio 500R8 - Analogue/Digital Hybrid USB Audio Interface, Summing Mixer, Monitoring Controller and 500 Series RackA complete studio-in-a-box. 500R8 is a 28in/30out USB audio interface with high-performance conversion and low-jitter internal clock, comprehensive monitor controller, analogue summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer, and 8-slot...

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  • Hear Back Mixer Hear Back Mixer
    Availability : 10 days
    Hear Technologies Mix Back Mixer

    Hear Technologies Mix Back MixerThe Mix Back is a flexible and affordable 16 x 12 x 2 x 2 monitor mixer that features two stereo outputs and twelve mono outputs. There are sixteen high quality Mic/Line inputs with passive split. It also features two HearBus outputs and two ADAT optical outputs. A perfect companion to our Hear Back personal monitor system....

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  • Q2 Audio Compex FX760X-RS Q2 Audio Compex FX760X-RS
    Availability : 8 days
    Purple Audio CANS II

    Discrete Stereo Headphone Amp and Control Room Preamplifier Designed to work in standard 500 racks Purple Audio Cans II Headphone and Control Room preamplifier is a great addition to your Sweet Ten Rack or any 500 series rack. This module gives you all of the control of a console master section in a small sleek design. The Cans II also give you the...

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  • Shadow Hills industries Oculus Wireless Shadow Hills industries Oculus Wireless
    Availability : 10 days
    Shadow Hills Oculus Wireless

    Shadow Hills Industries has done it again! The Oculus monitor controller is a striking centerpiece to your studio control room, providing crucial functionality and performing to top-notch specifications. Monitor reference level control, talkback, autocue, Class A headphone outs, and more, bring the necessary elements of your studio's workflow at your...

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  • Speck Electronics Fader 3 Speck Electronics Fader 3
    Disponibilité : 6 jours
    Speck Electronics Fader 3

    Speck Electronics introduces Fader 3 from the One Fader Series – Fader 3 is equiped with a mini monitor controller. Except this mini controller has a 100mm stereo slide fader. Fader 3 Features• Monitor level control switchable between pre-fader or post-fader. TRS balanced monitor output jacks.• Seperate headphone level control with headphone jack on front...

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  • Three Audio The Trunk Three Audio The Trunk
    Availability : 3 semaines
    Tree Audio The Trunk

    Tree Audio The Thrunk is a monitoring controller and a stereo BUS processor.  The Trunk is not a simple monitoring controller as you can send it a stereo signal to warm it up thanks to the tube based circuit path.

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