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  • ACME Audio MTP-66 ACME Audio MTP-66
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    ACME Audio MTP-66

    ACME Audio The Motown Tube PreampThe year is 1966. Deep in the heart and soul of Detroit, a young, ambitious chief Motown engineer is tasked by legendary producer Berry Gordy to design a better way to record multiple guitar and bass instruments at once, with minimal bleed and no isolation.  His solution:  the 5-channel Motown input box – dubbed the...

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  • Black Box MM-1 Black Box MM-1
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    Black Box MM-1

    Redefining what a preamp can do.The Black Box Analog Design MM-1 Vacuum Tube Preamp is an entirely new approach to capturing audio. It is not based on any existing circuit but designed from the ground up, using the best parts and ignoring all of the standard ideas of how a preamp “should work”. The result is an incredibly versatile piece of gear that not...

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  • Locomotive Audio 286A Locomotive Audio 286A
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    Locomotive Audio 286A Circuit Board Version

    Locomotive Audio 286A Two Huge Channels of Sweet & Harmonic Tube Preamp Gain.The Unmistakable Vintage Sound of Tubes & Transformers From beautiful glowing vocals, natural acoustics and punchy drums to overdriven and saturated classic tube warmth, the two channel 286A preamplifier offers a huge sonic palette for engineers and producers to...

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  • Traverse Analogue 652

    Traverse Analogue 652 stereo vacuum tube preamplifier with mic/line-level inputsUsing the GAIN control, the engineer can achieve 5 - 60 dB of gain from the uniquely-biased tube input stage, followed by a MASTER attenuation control in the output buffer stage. Want a clean yet musical replication of the source? How about the creamy saturation of an esoteric...

  • Weight Tank Preamp WT-72 Weight Tank Preamp WT-72
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    Weight Tank Preamp WT-72

    Weight Tank WT-72 PREAMP - ADD HISTORIC GERMAN TUBE PREAMP GAIN TO YOUR ARSENALThe WT-72 brings you the character that the original V72 console modules are known for!Inspired by the V72 modules originally built for the German Radio Network, the WT-72 offers 56 dB of gain, which can be driven by a microphone or line level source. The vintage modules only...

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