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Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette - EMI / Abbey Road Channel Strip
The Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette is a full-featured mixing console channel strip, incorporating elements of the historic EMI/Abbey Road Studios TG12345 recording and mastering desks of the late ‘60s and ‘70s.

Chandler Limited’s critically acclaimed TG1 Limiter, TG2 Pre-Amp, and Curve Bender EQ, each known for their remarkable reproduction of the EMI TG sound, have been combined to form the ultimate TG Microphone Cassette reimagined to work in a modern recording studio context.

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The pre-amp section of the TG Microphone Cassette makes use of the Chandler Limited TG2 pre-amplifier based on the vintage EMI TG12428. The TG2 pre-amp section includes switchable coarse and variable fine gain adjustment controls for up to +70db overall gain, selectable LINE, DI, 48V phantom power, phase reverse, and switchable rumble filter (low cut.)

The TG2 pre-amp section is coupled directly to the Curve Bender equalizer section.

The TG Microphone Cassette’s equalizer section is derived from the famed and greatly expanded Chandler Limited EMI TG12345 Curve Bender EQ. The Curve Bender EQ section provides Hi and Low shelf, frequency selectable presence, output control, and bypass functionality.

The Curve Bender EQ section is the second stage of the TG2 pre-amp section, and the EQ output control works as a fader would on a console.

The compressor/limiter section of the TG Microphone Cassette is a special adaptation of the Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter tracing its lineage to the historic EMI TG12413 mixing and mastering console limiters.

EMI technical engineers experimented with the use of optos in their audio compressors, and now for the first time ever Chandler Limited introduces the TG1 Opto Limiter.

The TG1 Opto Limiter section of the TG Microphone Cassette is patchable apart from the TG pre-amp and EQ, allowing for independent use of the compressor/limiter on other sources. The TG1 Opto is stereo linkable to a second unit via a standard ¼” cable.

The TG1 Opto Limiter’s feature-set includes: HOLD, Attack, Release, selectable sharp/rounded knee, output or makeup gain, and true bypass.

In 1968 EMI and Abbey Road Studios changed their recording and mixing consoles from the valve-driven REDD to the transistorized TG12345 desk. The remarkable sonic quality of the new EMI TG12345 transistor recording console with expanded EQ, and for the first time ever, a compressor/limiter on every channel would forever leave its mark on the Beatles “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” albums, as well as recordings by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and the Rolling Stones. Retired from service in 1983, the TG desks were built by EMI for their studios and were never commercially available.

• Full-featured channel with recreated Elements of the legendary EMI/Abbey Road TG12345 desk
• TG2 Preamp - replication of the EMI TG12428 preamp
• 3-Band Curve Bender EQ - replication of the TG12345 Equalizer Legend
• Independently accessible TG1 Opto Limiter, linkable for stereo operation
• Transformer balanced Mic-/Line-inputs
• DI-input on the front panel
• +70dB Input Gain, +5 dB steps (+20 to +60db) with fine gain adjustment
• Low Cut-Filter with 6 frequencies
• EQ with Low- and High-Shelf EQ and parametric Mid-Band-EQ
• External PSU, PSU-1 sold separately
• Handmade in the U.S.A

• Channels: Mono - Independent Limiter I/O
• Preamp type: Transistor amplifier
• Mic/Line Input: XLR Input (Transformer balanced, Mic 300Ω Impedance)
• DI input: 1/4” unbalanced
• Output: XLR balanced
• Input gain (max.) +70db, Coarse Gain (Stepped +20 to +60db), Fine Gain (Variable +/-10db)
• Low Cut: 6 Frequencies (Out, 33, 41, 47, 65, 82,110 Hz)
• Phantom power: +48V
• EQ: Treble/Bass Shelf, Presence (Out, 300hz,500hz,1.2k,3.6k,6.5k)
• Limiter I/O: XLR, balanced, Link: 1/4” Jack
• Limiter controls: Hold, Attack, Release, Knee (Sharp/Rounded), Output (makeup gain), Bypass
• Power supply: External/PSU-1, Purchased separately

Condition New
Type Channel Strip
Application Tracking & Mixing
Channels Mono
Circuit Solid State
Format 19"
Chassis 3 U
Quantity 1

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Starting from these classic and vintage designs Chandler Limited has further developed some of the basic circuitry and remodeled and adapted them to present you with some of the finest and most versatile products available on the market today. Like the Vintage equipment used to record the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many other ground breaking bands, all Chandler equipment is strictly hand wired. In recent years Chandler products have been featured prominently in albums, movies, and even video games.

Product range
• Equalizer
• Compressors
• Limiter
• Mixer
• Preamplifier
• Studio microphones
• Abbey Road Studios certified signal processors
• Guitar amps and pedals

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