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  • Aurora Audio GT10x8 Absolute Aurora Audio GT10x8 Absolute
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    Aurora Audio GT10x8 Absolute

    The Aurora Audio GT10x8 Absolute is an 10 input, 8 output Router that enables the engineer to route line level signal where they need to for their session. Each channel on the GT10x8 Absolute has it’s own input and output level control and pan, so you can determine the level and position in the stereo field (when you choose to use a send in stereo). Also...

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  • Little Labs PCP Little Labs PCP
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    Little Labs PCP

    The Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro is, at once, a one-in / three-out guitar splitter, an audiophile-grade direct box/guitar cable line driver, and a trio of pro-to-impedance level interfaces for re-amping. In many cases, such equipment did not exist, so Jonathan Little designed it from scratch. Little Labs now specializes in creating unique and useful...

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  • Little Labs Pepper Little Labs Pepper
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    Little Labs Pepper

    The Little Labs Pepper is a central hub of connectivity for engineers / guitarists’, interfacing pro gear and guitar gear, either direction, seamlessly. Interfaces instruments with pedals, pro gear, guitar amps, mic preamps and line level gear, all at once. The Pepper will tidy up your signal path while keeping everything connected. Use the pro level...

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