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Roswell Pro Audio Mini K67x Matched Pair

Roswell Pro Audio Mini K67X Matched Pair
Mini K67x is a compact, large-diaphragm condenser with harmonic coloration from its transformer-coupled circuit. The voicing is not overtly colored, but is not as neutral as the Mini K87; the upper mids (4-7kHz) are slightly scooped, and the rolloff above 12kHz is very gradual, giving the mic extended "air."

Each K67x is built by hand in California, burned in, and extensively tested.

Matching Criteria
We match these mics to 0.5dB in sensitivity (measured at 1kHz), and 1.5dB (or better) in frequency response, 50Hz–15kHz.

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Headroom On Demand
To ensure that matched pairs have plenty of headroom for use as overheads for loud drummers, we install an internally switchable 10dB attenuation pad in each of the K67x microphones used for matched pairs. Most customers will not need this additional headroom... but if you do, unscrew the base of the microphone (no tools needed), slide the body sleeve off, flip the toggle switch inside the mic, screw the body back on, and get back to the session.

Included Accessories
Each microphone includes our exclusive Cutaway™ metal-frame shockmount (with spare elastics), and a Roswell branded microfleece dust cover. Matched pairs ship in a single stereo-pair aluminum flightcase, which holds two microphones and two shockmounts.

The "X" stands for transformer.

  • Unique, wideband frequency response with extended "air"
  • Harmonic saturation from transformer-coupled circuit
  • Designed, assembled, and tested in California
  • Includes our Cutaway shockmount and flight case

The Mini K67x expands the promise of "sonic diversity" by introducing a new sound to the Mini K product line. The capsule voicing strikes a balance between neutrality and flattery, with tight bass and an open top end. The circuit enhances the source with harmonics. The mic retains the "point and shoot" simplicity of the Mini K lineup.

Like all Roswell microphones, the Mini K67x is designed, assembled, and tested in California.

The mic's name, "K67x," refers both to the capsule design and circuit topology. The capsule is based on the K67, although we've built and voiced it with some proprietary tricks to create a sound unlike any other K67 capsule. The "x" in the model name refers to the transformer-coupled circuit, which gives the mic its trademark harmonic saturation.

This combination introduces a new color to the Mini K product line. The mic is not overtly colored, like the Mini K47, nor is it quite as flat and neutral as the Mini K87. The sonic inspiration for this model was the workhorse tube mic of the 1960s, which offered wideband frequency response and harmonics. We kept those characteristics in this incarnation.

Every Roswell microphone is subjected to a 24-hr "burn in" on our proprietary conditioning fixture, then tested extensively prior to shipping: polarity, noise, frequency response, sensitivity, and more. Roswell performs an acoustic sweep test and listen to every microphone multiple times before it leaves our facility.

The Mini K67x has a durable gray metallic paint finish. Each mic ships with our exclusive Cutaway™ shockmount, Roswell branded microfleece mic sock, and an upgraded flight case.

A limited quantity of the Mini K67x is in stock, ready for immediate shipping. We anticipate a delay in filling orders due to the popularity of the mic at launch. Because these microphones are assembled by hand, individually tested, and burned in, some initial orders might be delayed by 7-14 days (once initial inventory is depleted).


  • Proprietary 34mm capsule design
  • Vintage circuit design with custom output transformer
  • Hand-picked, audiophile-grade capacitors
  • Heavy, solid steel body with durable finish
  • Exclusive Cutaway™ non-resonant shockmount


  • Wideband frequency response provides natural capture of many voices and instruments.
  • Harmonic saturation enhances the source, much like a tube microphone would.
  • Solid, high-quality construction ensures real-world durability and long service life.
  • Low self-noise keeps hiss out of your tracks.

Design and Component Details
The Mini K67x introduces two unique new sounds to the Mini K product line: the capsule voicing, and the harmonic saturation of the circuit.

The capsule is a 34mm (large diaphragm) design. As the mic's name suggests, the capsule is nominally a K67 type, but we invested two years' worth of research and development to create a proprietary, "Holy Grail" voicing: full bass without wooliness, slight attenuation in the sibilance range, neutral highs, and extended "air" above 10kHz.

The circuit design borrows from our flagship Colares microphone; it is a single-stage JFET/transformer topology, built around a selected vintage European-made output capacitor, the best-sounding modern filter capacitors on the market, and a custom wound output transformer (which barely fits inside the mic body).

The capacitor on the JFET source is a critical component to the mic's sound. Roswell Pro Audio has designed a custom bipolar electrolytic, with a special formulation of electrolyte that was initially developed for the legendary Black Gate line of capacitors.

Internal gain staging is carefully set for each individual mic to produce harmonic saturation at moderate SPL.  This allows the Mini K67x to evoke the sound of vintage tube microphones, creating harmonics to complement the source, although without adding noise or crushing transients the way some tube mics would.


  • Model: Mini K67x
  • Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Capsule: 34mm O.D. True Condenser, proprietary K67 variation, dual backplate
  • Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 12 mV/Pa
  • Impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Signal-to-noise: 81 dBA
  • Equivalent noise: 13 dBA
  • Supply voltage: 48±4 VDC
  • Output: Transformer balanced
  • Physical dimensions: 150 × 44mm; 380g (mic only)
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