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Empirical Labs DocDerr EL-Rx

One of the newer members of the Empirical Labs family is the DocDerr, a 500 series multi-purpose tone enhancement module that houses six different sections of digitally controlled analog processing.  With over two years of meticulous development and testing behind it, the DocDerr provides an unprecedented combination of power and musicality in a compact, easy to use format. Empirical Labs' first compressor in the API 500 format.

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An extremely low-noise preamp capable of working with line level or instrument level signals, is followed by four sections of EQ combining a two position high pass filter with three parametric bands, each with its own set of carefully tuned frequency presets.  An internal jumper can turn the DocDerr into an unparralled instrument preamp with 16dB of gain, ideal for acoustic guitar, bass, synths, exotic plucked instruments, etc.

The versatile EQ is followed by a unique dynamics section which offers renowned Empirical Labs compression at an unprecedented price, and an extremely musical tape emulation circuit that softens and tames high frequencies and transient spikes.  We believe it’s the best single knob “knee” compression available in this format.

One of the pivotal features of the DocDerr is the “Mix” knob which allows the user to blend the uncompressed EQ’s signal with the compressed and saturated signal.  This parallel compression technique, used by top recording and mixing engineers for many years unlocks a whole world of sonic possibilities.

Like all ELI 500 series modules, the EL-Rx is available with either horizontal or vertically oriented front panel configurations, and is “Linkable” for using our famous compression on stereo sources.

The DocDerr is ideal for tracking, for fine-tuning tracks during mixing, or as a killer solution for the gigging "acoustic" musician in search of studio quality tone control. It is indeed a Tone Doctor…err… DocDerr.

• Six digitally controlled sections of analog processing
• Frequency response - 3 Hz to 180 kHz on eq section (-3dB points).
• Dynamic range - 120 dB from maximum output (.5%THD soft   clipping) to minimum output.   Noise floor with Mix on 0 is typically   – 91dBu.
• Distortion range - between .0006% and 10% at 1KHz, depending   on mode and settings.
• Maximum Input before hard clipping - +22dBm,  “ Line In” mode.   Maximum Output (Mix at 0) - +28.5dBm
• Compressor Dynamics Time Constants - Attack time is around 1mS.  Release .2 sec, fixed internally. Stereo Linkable for stereo tracks.  With the EL500 powered rack, the push of a button enables linking.
• Input Impedance - 120k Ohm, Instrument In Mode,
• output impedance is less than 75 ohms.  20K input impedance in balanced Line in mode.
• Guitar adaptor cable included

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Channel Strip
Tracking & Mixing
Solid State
1 Slot
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Lindell Audio 18Xs MKII is a one channel transformer coupled Microphone Preamplifier, DI, Line Amplifier and Passive Pultec Equalizer. It’s an Class A design based upon our Hybrid amplifiers. (It can be upgraded with our Vintage OPA)

The Equalizer is our take on the magical classic Pultec design. It’s got 15db boost of the creamiest high end you’ve ever heard and the most punchy low end heard the 21th Century.

We have also incorporated our famous ”Mix Knob” from the 17X compressor. This means that you can parallel equalize your line input. This gives you more flexibility and a way of creating new tones….

Channel Strips
Chandler Limited
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Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette - EMI / Abbey Road Channel Strip
The Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette is a full-featured mixing console channel strip, incorporating elements of the historic EMI/Abbey Road Studios TG12345 recording and mastering desks of the late ‘60s and ‘70s.

Chandler Limited’s critically acclaimed TG1 Limiter, TG2 Pre-Amp, and Curve Bender EQ, each known for their remarkable reproduction of the EMI TG sound, have been combined to form the ultimate TG Microphone Cassette reimagined to work in a modern recording studio context.

Rack Series Channel strips
Buzz Audio
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Buzz Audio ARC-1.1 advanced recording channel strip
An extremely flexible preamplifier, equalizer and compressor system for all sound recording applications.

Quite simply, there is no other recording channel strip on the planet that has the versatility of the ARC-1.1. What you have here is a mic/line preamp, parametric equalizer and compressor/limiter that can be used in conjuction as a recording channel or, accessed as completely separate elements. The ARC is not just one piece of kit but multiple pieces bundled into one chassis with a clever relay routing system so you can assign each element to the main signal path or to externally accessed I/O.

Channel Strips
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Overstayer Imperial Channel Model 8776A module is self powered, self-contained channel strip that can be used on its own (no chassis required) or as part of a larger framework for recording and mixing.

The 8776A features mic, line and instrument inputs, as well as filters, 4 band EQ, FET limiting and controls to shape and exploit the harmonic character of the circuitry throughout. Modules can be mounted vertically in dual, quad or 10 space rack-mountable chassis* (5RU high). Audio connections via XLR and TRS connectors with access to several points in the signal path.  

*Modules and chassis are sold seperately - Also available in Pair with a Free frame and metallic front cover transport protection.

500 Series Racks
Tree Audio
€5,118.37 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 15 days

The Tree Audio 3 in the Tree Dual allows you to configure your ultimate channel strips in a compact desktop design. The desktop unit holds six 500 series modules (modules not included). It includes full-featured custom meter modules (included) VU and PEAK. it features selectable linear faders or 24 position stepped potentiometers (1% resistors in 3 dB steps for final output). Bypass any or all modules with local switching. It includes an insert switch (insert additional equipment across final output). The headphone out (mono or stereo) includes level and mute control. Included are all-discrete Inward Connections VF600 amp blocks, Cinemag custom transformers. External linear power supply included. Handbuilt in the USA

Harmonic Generators
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The Overstayer Modular Channel 8755DS is a stereo channel with filters, EQ, compression, and ​harmonics stages throughout, with sophisticated routing and a series parallel mixer matrix. High quality  components and circuitry are used throughout. Though the unit can get extreme, the design aesthetic is that of a console in that it is capable of handling and maintaining the fidelity of a full mix through the unit.

The Modular Channel is available in 2 versions, the 8755DS which has instrument and line inputs, and the 8755DM which adds transformer coupled microphone inputs, pad, polarity, and phantom power.

Channel Strips
Undertone Audio

UnderTone Audio MPEQ-1 the amalgamation of the UTA EQ and the custom mic pre of the MPDI-4. It features the same flexible and musical Class A discrete circuitry, the uniquely powerful HP/LP filters, and an exciting new approach to a Class A mic pre.

You can use the equalizer and the mic pre separately or as a complete channel strip. The mic pre has a custom input transformer and a carefully chosen output transformer. Both are optimized to accentuate the most flattering sonic qualities inherent in audio transformers.

The unique mic pre design makes both of these transformers bypass-able. This offers users a choice between the detailed clarity of a Class-A transformer-less design or the vintage musicality of a dual transformer mic preamp.

Channel Strips
H2 Audio
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Availability: 2 weeks

H2 Audio Helios Channel
With the rise of home recording and hybrid recording methods we have created The Helios Channel, featuring the classic 0011 mic pre/EQ and the F760 compressor limiter, all in a rugged steel 2U 19” rack to give you the ultimate classic recording chain. The Helios channel also features the Acme Audio Motown DI’s custom input transformer for its DI input. This transformer is electronically switched directly to the 0011’s mic-in connector when activated by a selector switch on the front panel. Also featured is 48V phantom power, output fader control and Link/Ind switch which allows The Helios Channel to be operated as a channel strip or as independent units complete with separate input and output connectors on the rear of the unit. The Helios Channel is powered by the same external PSU as the 0011, and 8-channel rack and up to 4 units can be used off of one supply.

500 Series Channel Strips
Tree Audio
€3,672.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 15 days

Tree Audio 3 on Tree is a desktop device offering 4 slots. The 3 first ones cant host 500 Series modules of your choice with Bypass makong the unit a modular 500 Series channel strip. The 4th section hosts a Vu meter plus a peak program meter (with Cut) and 1/4" TRS headphone output connector & Mute for headphone monitoring. A 24 positions output big ELMA volume knob or 100mm fader you can toggle between.

Cinemag custom transformers and VF600 Op-Amps, all discrete components. Plus a mono insert that can be activated. The PSU is external.

Please note, 500 Series modules are not included; only the metering module is included.

Channel Strips
€3,352.45 (incl. VAT)
Availability : Please contact us before ordering

Overstayer Imperial Channel Model 8776A Pair modules are self powered, self-contained channel strip that can be used on their own (no chassis required) or as part of a larger framework for recording and mixing.

The 8776A features mic, line and instrument inputs, as well as filters, 4 band EQ, FET limiting and controls to shape and exploit the harmonic character of the circuitry throughout. Modules can be mounted vertically in dual, quad or 10 space rack-mountable chassis* (5RU high). Audio connections via XLR and TRS connectors with access to several points in the signal path.  

*Paired modules get a Free frame and metallic front cover transport protection - Also available in mono module

Channel Strips
Tree Audio
€3,498.21 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 9 days
Tree Audio The Branch II may be all you need! It's a stand alone channel strip version of the Roots console, featuring all of the same controls as The Roots, as well as an internal regulated tube power supply. The Branches have been flying out the door. So if all you need is a single channel or two, this is it. It's simple to operate and has an amazing sound. Here's a recent Branch review in Sound on Sound Magazine's September Issue, really informative.

All tube channel Strip
• Same high quality sound and circuity as the Roots Console
• Mic Pre / Line input / Direct input (Instrument DI)
• 2 band EQ
• Limiter
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The new Isopatch retains the design strengths of its predecessor, but now has 48 Jacks that are of a new, fully-enclosed design. The new Jack design helps to keep out the contaminants that shorten contact life, they also have a smart chromed ring which gives an improved 'feel' when plugging and un-plugging as well as looking pretty cool!




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