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Purple Audio MFTwenty5 is a rack mount discrete summing mixer designed for the 500 series modules and racks. The MFTwenty is a central hub connection other components (fader pack, Vu meters, 500 series racks and modules) to offer an analog modular console. The MFTwenty5 brings new use and value to your 500 racks & modules. Several MFTwenty units can be chained for larger systems. Four fader packs are offered. The optional fader pack and meter can also operate in standalone, without the MFTwenty5.

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Paiement 100% sécurisé - 100% Secured payment

The Purple Audio MFTWENTY5 is a rack mount discrete summing mixer designed for the 500 series. MFTWENTY5 brings new use and value to your 500 racks and modules. This mixer allows multiple configurations including dual input mono and stereo stem mixing uses. The MFTWENTY5 uses fifty discrete Op-Amps and has a transformer out stereo mix. Use the MFTWENTY5 for your console or a Sidecar, the inject also allows larger systems to be created. The 1RU box can be used on its own or with the meter and fader units.

The 1RU box is a dual input 20×2 mixer. Each channel is assignable mono or stereo. In mono mode the bottom concentric knob is pan, in stereo it is balance. The top knob is the fader when no external faders are attached. If the external fader is attached it becomes a mono aux send. That aux send is assignable pre or post fader and the push switch on that knob is the aux mute. As all the inputs are multed and show up on DB-25 you can plug you converter output directly in or plug an combination of outboard or 500 modules as inputs to the MFTwenty5. Giving you a 20 x 2 stem mixer or a 10 x 2 mono input mixer. Use this to ergonomically setup your workflow, a rack of mic preamps going to the daw and a rack of equalizers on the returns from the DAW. The configuration are customized to your style.

Condition New
Type Summing Mixer
Application Tracking & Mixing
Channels 20 x 2
Circuit Solid State
Format 19"
Chassis 1 U
Quantity 1
Direct I/O Yes
Digital I/O No

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