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Undertone Audio Pyra-Sum

Undertone Audio Pyra-Sum is a passive summing mixer that has what other summing mixers don't: multiple cascading busses. This bussing architecture allows you to truly have the sound and workflow of a large format console but with even more sonic flexibility and in a much smaller format. We've left out any active circuitry, which means that you have total control of the coloration that's added in the makeup gain stages—it also means you'll need to use this with eight of your own 19" or 500 Series preamps. Want a different sound? Swap the preamps. You could use dedicated preamps for that 70s sound. Tube preamps for that 50s sound.  UTA preamps for a size and musicality that has never existed before.  Or, since the preamps are inserted after each stage of summing, you can mix and match— dedicated preamps on the drums, UTA preamps on the music, and nother type of mic pres on the vocals ... etc. The sonic possibilities are endless.

  • Four discrete stereo summing busses
  • Recreate the bussing architecture of a large format console
  • Incorporate the sound and color of any mic preamps you choose
  • All passive circuitry
  • Make better use of all your favorite outboard gear
  • Make Pyra-Sum the heart of your ultimate hybrid mixing setup
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"As I continue to evolve as a record maker, I am constantly thinking of new ways to refine the workflow and tools I use to better achieve the results I am chasing with greater flexibility and efficiency. After working on the custom built UTA large format consoles for 10 years, I could no longer deny that the large format analogue console workflow could not compete with the speed and flexibility of a hybrid setup. As much as I adore the sound and power of the UTA custom consoles, I was ready to move on and embrace the world of hybrid mixing. As I dreamed up my ultimate hybrid mixing setup I immediately ran into a problem. No one had made a passive summing mixer product that really captured what was essential for me about mixing on a large format console. I can not mix the way I did on a large console with only 1 or 2 stereo busses.
Starting in the 90s, myself and all of the other mixers I know have been mixing with a multi-layer bussing architecture. I couldn’t imagine a hybrid setup really working without it. I built my own custom prototype at my home in Topanga and then expanded on that for the Pyra-Sum product now being made by UTA. This hybrid setup is how I will definitely be mixing for the next 10 years or more and I hope you will find it inspiring and useful as well." - Eric Valentine

Front Panel Controls
1. DRUM BUSS ON/OFF TOGGLE (W MONO OPTION) - These pairs of toggle switches simply turn on or
off the incoming signals that are fed to the “drum” buss. These pairs of toggles have the option of functioning in mono. If the right switch is in the down or “M” position, the signal plugged into the left side
will be sent to both the left and the right sides of the buss. This allows you to conserve outboard equipment if you are working with a mono signal. The left toggle will turn off the signal being sent to both the
left and right sides of the buss.

2. DRUM BUSS ON/OFF TOGGLE (NO MONO OPTION) - This pair of toggle switches simply turn on or
off the left and right sides of a stereo incoming signal.

3. MUSIC BUSS TOGGLES - These 10 toggle switches turn on or off the signal being sent to the MUSIC
BUSS. The same rule applies as above. Where you see an “M” under the right toggle, you will have the
mono option.

4. VOCAL BUSS TOGGLES - These 4 toggle switches turn on or off the signal being sent to the VOCAL
BUSS. The same rule applies as above. Both of these stereo inputs have the “Mono Option”

5. BUSS LEVEL TRIM POTS - These trim pots allow you to fine adjust the level being sent to the mic preamps so the left and right sides can be perfectly balanced.

6. DIRECT TO BUSS (DRUMS, MUSIC, VOCALS, MIX) - These toggles allow you to turn on or off signal
being sent directly to each of the busses as they are named. These inputs can be used for parallel processing in your mix.

7. BUSS CUT SWITCHES - These toggle switches allow you to mute either the left or right sides of any of
the “DRUM”, “MUSIC” or “VOCAL” sub busses. The “DRUM” cut switches follow the “Mono” functionality to
accommodate mono drum mixes.


  • Input Impedance: 10Kohm
  • Output Impedance: 200ohm
  • Output Level: (To Preamps): -35dB
  • TRim Range: +/-2dB
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Summing Mixer
Tracking, Mixing & Mastering
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