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Hear Back PRO Mixer

The Hear Back Mixer is equipped to mount to any standard mic or desk stand using the built-in 5/8" threaded socket located on the back of the mixer.
• Local control of up to 18 channels of audio (16 mono channels + AUX IN + Intercom IN)
• Receive power and audio over one Ethernet cable, up to 500’ from Hub to each Mixer
• 24-bit Delta-Sigma D/A and A/D converters
• Volume/panning/stereo link control of all 16 channels of audio
• Store up to 4 recallable presets
• Intercom allows communication to anyone with a Hear Back PRO Mixer
• 1/8” and 1/4” headphone jacks
• Balanced mono/stereo, line level outputs
• Selectable 1/8” TRS stereo unbalanced and XLR mono balanced (with 15V phantom power) AUX inputs:
   - Microphone input for crowd / ambiance mic or intercom use
   - Drum module / metronome or local mix input

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Hear Back PRO Hub Features
A single Hub supplies signal and power to a maximum of eight Mixers. To expand your system, the Hubs can be daisy-chained using the HearBus In/Out for virtually unlimited system size. The Hub accepts analog input signals from an audio mixer such as auxiliaries, matrix outs, sub outs, monitor outs, and/or direct outputs. The ADAT input can come from digital audio workstations, digital recorders, or digital mixers.
• Three switch selectable input sources:
- ADAT® Optical
- Analog
- HearBus
• 24-bit A/D converters
• 44.1KHz and 48KHz sample rates
• Multi-color, four-level metering
• Daisy-chain for expanded systems
• Internal universal input power supply
• 1 RU chassis

Control Hear Back PRO Mixers, simply by connecting your PRO Hub to a wireless network!
• Connect the HBUS IN port (located on the back of your PRO Hub) to a gigabit-speed LAN port of your wireless access point. Launch the app, and watch your mixers populate in the list.
• Name the Mixers & channels, these will persist between sessions.
• Group Mixers together, allowing them to control each other, by either:
- Long-press mixers in the list to drag-and-drop into groups
- Swipe left on any mixer in the list to reveal additional options (including grouping control)
• Setup lockouts on knobs, buttons, features, and presets on a per-Mixer basis.
• Easily update Mixer firmware, wirelessly.
• Control the brightness of the Mixer's LEDs (useful in darker rooms).

Hear Back PRO Application
New Features
• View sampling rate, clock status, input switch selection, and internal Hub temp
• Monitor all 16 input signal levels
• Mixer control lockouts for pan, aux, preset, intercom, any or all channels, and master knob
• Disable advanced features such as grouping, solo-in-place, and copy/paste
• Write-protect each of the 4 presets
• Works with iOS ‘Split View’ for running multiple apps side-by-side

Mounting the Mixer
The Hear Back Mixer is equipped to mount to any standard mic or desk stand using the built-in 5/8" threaded socket located on the back of the mixer.

Hear Back Pro Mount

Mic Stand Mount
The Mic Stand Adapter (Order Number: MSA) is perfect for mounting the Hear Back Mixer to the side of any mic stand. This clamp-on adjustable width bracket will attach to a standard music stand as well. The perfect companion to the Hear Back Mixer (HBM) and the Mix Back Talk Back Remote Control (MBR).

Hear Back Pro Adapter

Mic Stand Adapter Extension Bar
The Mixer Tilt Adapter (Order Number: MTA) is for all Hear Back Mixers adding a ball joint with 5/8”-27 male threading to any standard mic stand to get the perfect angle with 360° rotation and 180° tilt.

Hear Back Pro Mixer Tilt Adapter

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16 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer
Tracking & Mixing
Solid State
Desktop / Mic Stand
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