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Barefoot MM27 Gen2 (Single)

Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2 takes Barefoot’s all-in-one monitoring concept to new heights. Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Thomas Barefoot has spent years further refining one of the most revered recording studio monitors in the world. These refinements preserve the effortless translation that has defined the Barefoot brand, but are an evolution, yielding even greater transparency and inner detail. The MicroMain27 Gen2 retains the same compact form factor as its predecessor, with integrated dual 10" force-canceling subwoofers, but the MM27 Gen2 is updated with technology developed in the flagship MiniMain12. New additions include ultra-high-quality converters, a 1" ring radiator tweeter, 5.25" extended-range neodymium motor mid-bass drivers, Hypex amplification, AES digital inputs, a 1dB stepped attenuator, and advanced DSP integration.

• Worthy evolution of a widely renowned monitor
• New speaker emulation technology offers 4-in-1 referencing
• Integrated dual 10" subwoofer design supports clean upper bass and mids

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Worthy evolution of a widely renowned monitor
While the original MicroMain27 was amassing its stellar reviews, Thomas Barefoot remained hard at work cultivating new technology to take the MM27 to the next level. The result is the MM27 Gen2, which delivers the neutrality, form factor, and all-in-one functionality that attracted the likes of Michael Brauer, Butch Vig, Rich Costey, and Mark Linett in the first place. But, the MM27 Gen2 separates itself from its honorable predecessor in key, significant ways. Notably, Barefoot incorporated the successful technology initially implemented in their flagship MiniMain12, including the same signal path, from the converters to the Digital Signal Processor to premium Hypex amplifier modules. What's more, the MicroMain27 Gen2 offers an improved tweeter for even more accurate highs, along with new 5.25" extended-range neudymium motor mid-bass drivers, and the ultra-stable dual 10" force-cancelling subwoofers, a trio that works together smoothly and seamlessly to deliver an honest, accurate image.

New speaker emulation technology offers 4-in-1 referencing
In addition to its even, revealing voice, the MM27 Gen2 harnesses DSP power to bring you the voicing characteristics and responses of classic studio nearfield monitors. You can use the four-position wired remote to quickly switch through different voices, allowing you to preview your mix on different types of speakers, without having the clutter of multiple speaker systems. The four settings are "Old School," "Cube," "Hi-Fi," and "Flat." The "Old School" setting captures the essence of the ubiquitous NS10M, rolling off the sub-bass and top-end information, and bringing forward mid-range presence. The "Cube" setting is a nod to the "aura" of the classic full-range micro monitors of yesteryear, a valuable setting in the age of laptops, tablets, and earbuds. "Hi-Fi" sweetens the high end and warms mid-range to behave much like consumer hi-fi systems, the perfect setting for quick artist playback or when listening to favorites in the studio. Last, as you might expect, "Flat" is the prized default setting, offering the true, revealing Barefoot Sound.

Integrated dual 10" subwoofer design supports clean upper bass and mids
Part of the magic that makes the MM27 Gen2 work so well is that, like its predecessor, it offers integrated dual 10" subwoofers. Working alongside an updated 1" ring radiator tweeter and dual 5.25" midbass drivers, all with advanced neodymium motors, the MM27's two subs are housed in compact sealed enclosures, yielding stable LF control and excellent impulse response. Because the sub motor structures are locked together, the opposing forces cancel each other out, keeping the MM27 Gen2 steady even at roaring output levels. Even more importantly, the integrated sub design takes the pressure off the mid-bass drivers, resulting in a dramatically cleaned-up upper bass and midrange.

• 3-way active monitor with MEME™ voice emulation

• Input level stepped attenuator
• MEME voice select

Input Impedance
• 50k Ohm

• 90dB @ 1 meter with -15dBV input signal (Level control set to 0dB)

Frequency response
• 36Hz – 45kHz (±3dB)
• 45Hz – 40kHz (±1dB)

Bass Response
• -3 dB @ 30Hz
• Q = 0.707
• Slope: 18 dB/octave

• 10 liters total internal volume
• Sealed subwoofer, Woofer and mid enclosures
• Machined aluminum baffle plate
• Long fiber wool acoustic damping throughout

Crossover Frequencies
• 260 / 3600 Hz (Passive crossover between Midrange and Tweeter)

Midbass 1
• 1″ ring radiator
• Advanced geometry neodymium motor
• +/- 5 mm linear excursion
• Amplifier: 250W Hypex

• 1″ ring radiator 
• Low distortion motor
• Rear waveguide chamber

• 4.0″ aluminum cone
• Aluminum phase plug
• Low distortion motor
• +/- 3.5 mm linear excursion

• 8″ paper cone
• +/- 9.5 mm linear excursion

High Frequency Amplifier
• 150W

Low Frequency Amplifier
• 500W

AC Power Input
• 85 VAC to 265 VAC

• Speaker: 35 lbs each (16 kg)
• Shipping: 44.5 lbs each (20.2 kg)

• 356 x 241 x 330 mm (H x L x D)
• Overall 356 x 260 x 345 mm (H x L x D)

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