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Burl Audio B16 Mothership

Burl Audio B16 MOTHERSHIP 16 CHANNEL CONFIGURABLE AD/DA, a 2U, 2-slot version of the revolutionary B80 Mothership, Burl Audio’s signature product. Simply put, the B80 Mothership has redefined digital recording, and now the legendary sound can be found in a smaller, more portable B16 Mothership.

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€1,508.42 VAT Excluded

€1,508.42 VAT included
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A fully configurable converter to suit all needs. If you mix, load the B16 with 2 BDA8 cards to get 16 stunning D/A channels. For tracking, with 2 BAD8 cards you get 16 inputs and 1 x BAD8 plus 1 x BDA8 cards offer you 8 I/O channels.

Digital interconnection is also completely configurable and controlled by replaceable motherboards.

BURL Audio Motheship B16 is available with 4 different motherboards to choose from.
The motherboard is included in the B80 or B16 chassis. Just specify it when ordering.

Of course, if you need more channels, several frames can be chained and synchronized.

Mainboard for Pro Tools 7.x and higher hardware systems.
This board offers 2 outputs via Digi-Link connectors offering 64 direct inputs / outputs to Pro Tools.
The interfaces are seen as 192 interfaces and the latency is identical to Pro Tools systems.

MADI motherboard for all DAW except Pro Tools Hardware.
This card offers 2 full duplex outputs via 2 optical MADI cables offering 128 direct inputs / outputs.
This card requires a MADI RME interface like PCIe HDSPe and MADI FX cards, MADIFace USB ...etc.

Ethernet motherboard for all native DAWs except Pro Tools Hardware based ones.
This card offers 2 outputs via 2 CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cables offering up to 128 direct I/Os.
This Mobo can be connected directly to your computer's Ethernet port using the Audionate virtual sound card (resolution limited to 48 or 96kHz) or, for all resolutions, a PCIe Dante card.

The BMB4 has a Waves SoundGrid Ethernet connectivity port for 64 I/O channels. SoundGrid is an Audio-Over-Ethernet networking and processing technology developed by Waves. SoundGrid provides extremely low latency and high channel count audio processing, using standard Intel processors and 1 Gbps Ethernet networks for studio, live streaming and other professional real-time audio applications. Real-time audio processing is performed on standard Intel-based plugin servers, running a real-time version of Linux customized by Waves. Waves SoundGrid audio via Ethernet is a robust and proven system for audio networking over IP. Among competing standards for audio over IP, SoundGrid offers impressive low latency. With 6 BAD8 and 4 BDA8, it is possible to obtain a 48x32 I/O. With 2 BAD8 and 8 BDA8, it is possible to obtain a 16x64 I/O. Thanks to the configurability of the MOTHERHSHIP, the I/O possibilities are unlimited. All this without an intermediate interface.

Offers 8-channels of AES/EBU IO connectivity ad provides an easy interface to any AES/EBU device.

Unusual for a converter, its construction is modular and can therefore be configured according to the needs and budget of the user. The 4U chassis has 10 slots for conversion modules (BAD4 or BDA8). The modules themselves are available in four and eight channel versions. This means you can load the Mothership B80 with 10 4 channel A/D cards to get 40 analog channels or 10 D/A cards for a total of 80 digital/analog converters, or any intermediate combinations.

The technology that makes it all possible is the BURL motherboard. A very high bandwidth motherboard with incredible digital throughput. This BURL Audio motherboard transmits great power to the audio sections. The master clock is transmitted directly to each converter eliminating individual PLL ("Phase-Locked Loop") transmission.

The B16 is the result of 5 years of research and development. The 2U chassis is really impressive. Here, no plastic and no complicated menus, everything is designed to make its use easy and hassle-free. The configuration of the B16 is literally child's play. Simply slide the card onto the chassis guide, lock it onto the BURL chassis, tighten the hand screws and you're done.

Available daughter cards
BAD4 4 x ADC
• B4 MIC PRE 4 x MIC/LINE preamplifiers with output ADC
• BDA4 4 x transformer coupled DAC
• BDA4M 4 x DAC with switchable output transformers
BAD8 board with 8 x A/D converters
• BDA8 board with 8 x transparent D/A converters
• BAES4 4 input/output card AES 3
• BCLK Word Clock distribution card via 8 x BNC and 1 x AES connectors

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A/D-D/A Converter
Tracking, Mixing & Mastering
Inout transformer(s)
2 U
Direct I/O
Digital I/O
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