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WesAudio ngLEVELER


WesAudio ngLEVELER “ Next generation Leveler ” is a 16 channel analog automation system in a 1U chassis, with convenient features for better studio integration. Besides its automation engine it also brings switchable analog saturation per each channel which helps tracks to get more presence in the mix. ngLEVELER doesn’t have any physical controls on its faceplate beside indivudual channel peak, power, H-Link and Data indication LEDs, it is either managable via:
• DAW Plug-in
• HUI controller
• Or both

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Availability date: 2020-03-05
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This approach gives us very convenient fader control with true total recall system via DAW plug-in. ngLEVELER was created to become studio centerpiece, and because of its simple analog connectivity it can be used in many applications:
• Between preamps output and analog to digital conversion to manage signal signal going in our DAW, where passive PADs may be really a benefit for vintage high level preamplifiers which may create very high output signal
• As an automation system for analog consoles insert points
• As a vintage outboard automation system – as leveler is capable of signal modification on any stage, putting in in chain before and after our vintage processor, allows us to perfectly tweak signal level for a sweet spot, and back it off before hitting our converter
• As automation system for any analog summing stage
• Post compression automation – very common mixing problem, where our signal from compressor goes straight into next unit, and essentially this part of processing can’t be really automated – with incorporating ngLEVELER between those processors, it is very easy!
• Analog processor driver – ngLEVELER also implements few channel linking improvements, and it can be used to drive analog units with different signal – please refer to next sections for more information

• 16 channels of analog automation with total recall
• +24dBu of headroom
• 6dB passive attenuator (PAD) for better integration with high level signals
• Very low noise and distortion - THD+N < 0.01%
• MUTE and SOLO for each channel
• HUI controllers integration
• Proprietary THD implementation
• IN and OUT (before and after signal leveling) metering fully integrated with DAW plug-in
• Flexible DAW/Live plug-in control for instant recall
• DB-25 analog connectivity
• Management via Ethernet or USB

• THD+N(20Hz-20kHz) at 0dBu < 0.008%
• Freq response: 0-250kHz (-3dB)
• Input impedance  > 10kohm
• Output impedance < 50ohm
• Channels crosstalk > 100dB
• Max input level:  +25dBu
• Max output level: +28dBu
• Dynamic range > 118dB

Plug-in control
As all our “Next Generation” units, advanced plugin for all DAW formats (VST2/VST3/AU/AAX) is available for better integration.

ngLEVELER Plug-in

Currently only multichannel version is available, which allows to manage whole unit, but in near future, also other plug-in versions will be released:
• 1 channel version
• 2 channels version (stereo)
• 4 channels version – perfect plugin for stereo tracks when we would like to level signal going IN and OUT our unit.
ngLEVELER Multichannel

HUI Integration
ngLEVELER is fully compatible with HUI, that means most of its functions are manageable directly from HUI controller. To do so, it is enough to connect HUI controller to PC/MAC where ngLEVELER is available (so it is either connected to same machine via USB or when Ethernet connection is used, it is in the same network). Advantage of this approach is, that it is not necessary to run any application (DAW plugin) to control ngLEVELER from your HUI controller, it is enough to log into your operating system and you are good to go! There are few configuration options:
• HUI control surface to ngLEVELER – this function exclusively uses HUI controller to manage ngLEVELER parameters, in this mode HUI control surface can’t be used with DAW.
• HUI control surface to ngLEVELER with DAW mediation – this mode works exactly as above, with few differences:
- All transport section, special functions are mediated to DAW,
- Fader section of HUI controller can be toggled via Function Key between:
• ngLEVELER control
• DAW control
• ngLEVELER as HUI device – in this mode ngLEVELER acts as HUI controller, it means that it can be controlled by first 16 faders in your DAW session

Below picture shows how particular functions of HUI controller are mapped to ngLEVELER:

ngLEVELER HUI Automation

This chapter shows some live usage examples where ngLeveler can be integrated.
Summing stage automation
ngLEVELER can be integrated in any spot in analog chain which requires signal level management or automation. One of such situation is level management or automation of signal which goes out from our outboard gear to the summing stage. This gives us few very important benefits:
• POST Compression automation or level management – changing signal level which goes out from our converter (DAW automation) will cause our compressor to behave differently. This makes it impossible to automate, and is quite problematic situation to handle even with simple signal level balance changes. In this setup we can keep our summing stage signal level at same level, and leave automation and signal level management to ngLEVELER so it can be easily recalled upon session load!
• OUT signal management and automation – all outboard gear have a sweet spot which usually depends on a signal level which comes in. In most cases we don’t want to automate signal going in, but signal which goes out from the device. With ngLEVELER we can easily manage this signal:
o to avoid clipping next analog stage
o Or automate it when needed!

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