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  • EZ Acoustics Adhesive
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    EZ Acoustics Adhesive

    EZ Adhesive is specially formulated for use in acoustical panels.This adhesive is non-toxic MS polymer based and  makes installation easy and trouble-free, providing a strong and permanent bond when applying EZ acoustical panels to ceilings or walls.EZ Adhesive tubes is presented in 300 ml. and each tube installs up to 3m² of acoustic treatment and  are...

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  • EZ Acoustics Fastener
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    EZ Acoustics Fastener

    In EZ Acoustics only use high quality adhesive so you can put your EZ Fasteners directly on the acoustic material and wall surface. Our EZ Fasteners comes with a high strength PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing for quick and easy installations.This mounting solution is designed so you can have your temporary acoustic treatment in any room.All EZ...

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