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Isolation Booth Studio Plus III

The STUDIO PLUS III soundproof cabin is the result of more than 15 years of experience in soundproof cabin design, R&D and manufactured by state-of-the-art equipment such as CNC machines. It is simply the most advanced, efficient and aesthetic soundproof cabin on the market.

The STUDIO PLUS was designed from the start to offer the best insulation and internal acoustics performance, while remaining easily movable. The challenge is important since by definition, a cabin is a confined space formed by rigid walls close to each other that produce acoustic reflections generated by the internal sound sources that must be controlled without making the cabin too dry and tiring. A subtle mixture of absorption and reflection is therefore necessary.

The usual absorption treatments such as acoustic foams are not the most effective and occupy a large internal space, difficult to maintain with a high cost. The STUDIO PLUS integrates all treatments into its walls. The mounted cabin is therefore treated and optimized in terms of internal acoustics.

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In order to optimize insulation, Keoda cabins have the advantage of having very few segments. The more elements a cabin is composed of, the more it has weak points: intersections and joints. Each wall of the STUDIO PLUS is fixed at 3 points to ensure rigidity and stability. optimum insulation. The numbered walls are assembled in a very playful way. The STUDIO PLUS I is composed of only 12 segments and is goes up in less than 15 minutes.

STUDIO PLUS can be easily mounted/dismounted without leaving a trace. Composed of 3 main sections: floor, wall and roof, the assembly/disassembly is facilitated. The fact of having few segments also makes it easier and faster to move.

The materials used to design the cabins have been selected for their efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance. The cabins Keoda benefit from the highest technology in design, as they are manufactured and machined with the highest precision using machines with numerical controls (CNC). A heavy investment but necessary to offer a perfect and regular finish.

Aesthetics, finishing and maintenance are also important points to consider. Nothing protrudes from the internal walls of the cabin, offering an optimal internal volume. The materials used are durable and aesthetic. A simple wipe with a cloth is all it takes for maintenance.

All STUDIO PLUS soundproof cabins come with the following standard equipment :
• Exterior coating in melamine, an aesthetic and resistant material, easy to maintain in about forty different colours plain or imitation natural wood
• The internal wall walls made of varnished wood are perforated and absorbent. In addition, 50% of the walls are also equipped with of absorber based on compressed rock wool to increase the absorption performance of the cabin without making it "dry".
• The floor is covered with high quality parquet, but can also be covered with carpet on request
• Internal lighting is provided by a LED light strip with adjustable intensity by remote control
• High acoustic performance glass door
• 2 x 16A EU standard electrical sockets
• Floating floor, equipped with anti-vibration pads adjustable in height, allowing it to be kept level and to catch up any possible damage defects in the floor of the receiving part. These studs also offer a high damping of impact noise and disengage it of the ground.
• A passive air exhaust system equipped with a sound trap, integrated into the cabin ceiling
• One cable gland for 4 cords

STUDIO PLUS cabins are custom designed to the dimensions that best suit you. We offer some unimposed examples of cabins for information purposes, but finally the cab will be designed to the nearest millimeter to best fit into your environment.

The recommended height and door passage of the STUDIO PLUS cabins are:
• External height*: 227 cm
• Interior height*: 205 cm
• Passing through the door*:
• Width: 64 cm
• Height: 181 cm
(*) Other dimensions possible and adaptable on request

• External dimensions: 2320 x 1520 x 2270 mm (L x W x H)
• Internal dimensions: 2140 x 1340 x 1950 mm (L x W x H)
• External surface area: 3.5 m².
• Internal surface area: 2.8 m².
• Weight: 1049 kg

• Impressive values of 53.2dB at 5kHz and 33.5dB at 60Hz. Measurements taken at a distance of 50 cm.

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Isolation booth
Tracking, Mixing & Mastering
2320 x 1520 x 2270 mm (W x L x H)
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