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Isolation Booth STUDIO I

Isolation Booth Studio I - The Studio range isolate cabin with integrated acoustic treatments offers high performances with a premium finish. The soundproof Studio booth is fully removable, transportable, immediately operational after installation, without the need of modifying the place it occupies. It can be installed in any indoor environment and be removed later without any trace.

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€5,860.00 VAT Excluded

€5,860.00 VAT included
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Integrated acoustic treatment
Through its perforated inner walls, the sound which penetrates the openings is retained by an absorbent material, which eliminates, very significantly, internal reflections and reverberations. The internal space becomes homogeneous, balanced and controlled. The glass door is also covered with a very similar material, to reduce the glass reflections. However, a vertical opening allows direct visual communication with the artist.

There is therefore no need for expensive acoustic kits or treatments and their hazardous aesthetics. Everything is included to provide a dry environment that guarantees perfect takes and the internal space is maximized.

Studio sound isolation enclosure is designed for recording voices and instruments for recording studios, post-production structures or home-studios. Reducing significantly the external noise, it also becomes very useful for schools, language institutes, call centers and medical offices.

To ensure perfect accuracy, our isolated booths are manufactured by CNC machines.

The coating of the outer walls is melamine, a resistant, aesthetic and easy to maintain material. Various colors and finishes are available (see color swatch)

What comes with our standard STUDIO cabins
• Very durable natural hardwood flooring, offerring a high quality and aesthetic finish
• Perforated walls, incorporating acoustic absorption, varnished for easy maintenance
• Large ceiling absorber eliminating reverberations with a solid natural wood frame incorporating a LED light ramps with remote controlled variable intensity
• Air outlet with sound trap integrated in the ceiling
• A high-end cable pass-through for 4 cords (10 or 16 cords in option)

Assembly time: 30 minutes for 2 persons (Studio I cabin)

Optional equipment
• Wall absorber panels
• Bass Traps
• Silent ventilation system with filter
• Different isolated Window types
• Fixed table
• Folding table
• Cable Pass-through for 10 or 16 cables
• Disabled access ramp
• Punchlight wired or wireless warning lights or Time Code displays

Internal dimensions
• Width: 94.8 cm
• Depth: 94.8 cm
• Height: 195 cm
External dimensions
• Width: 112 cm
• Depth: 112 cm
• Height: 227 cm

Door dimensions
• Width: 64 cm
• Height: 181 cm
(Wider door on request)

• 460 kg

Sound damping
• An impressive 48.8 to 42.6 dB between 3150 to 1000 Hz and 38.8 to 21.2 dB from 800 to 100 Hz. Measured at 50 cm distance.

Custom acoustic cabin
We can also produce custom acoustic cabins according to your specifications and your environment. Please contact us for a full accompaniment.

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Isolation booth
112 x 112 x 227 cm
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