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Purple Audio MF Series Meter Bridge

Purple Audio MF Series Meter Bridge is a 2 RU offers metering to the MFTwenty summing mixer to complete the modular 500 Series console, comes in two varieties:
• Single DB-25 input for use with the MFTwenty 5, with cable.
• Three DB-25 stacked input for use with a standard balanced 8 Pair Cables. For use as remote metering for DAW, Tape Machines, 5.1 or 7.1 Metering, Stereo source metering, etc.
The inputs 1-8, 9-16, 17-22 are multed with 100k input impedance so no additional patch or mult is needed to insert in signal path.

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€953.04 (incl. VAT)

€794.20 VAT Excluded

Availability : 8 days
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Data sheet

Vu meters
Tracking, Mixing & Mastering
10 x 2 + AUX
2 U
Direct I/O
Digital I/O
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Vu meters
€400.00 (incl. VAT) €460.00
Availability : In stock
Limited special offer

Crookwood Stereo VU Meter Large dimensions with attenuator- A real VU meter with attenuator and LED backlights
A large, real VU meter with precision Sifam units and LED backlights. Designed for modern workflows so you can concentrate on the music and not on metering:
• Large, proper VU meter with Sifam VUs for accurate metering
• LED backlighting so it’s easy to read in any studio
• Built in stepped attenuator, means they work perfectly with any studio level
• Easy to connect, calibrate and adjust
• Fit into any 2U space, or place onto a surface with the optional oak case
• External Power Adaptor Included

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Purple Audio
€1,737.89 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 8 days

Purple Audio Fader Packs are a 4 RU Fader units coming standard with two, three foot DB-37 Cables for interconnect to MFTwenty5 Mixer.

Faders are available in four varieties
FTen – Ten mono faders
FTen2 – Ten mono faders, one Stereo master fader (displayed price).
FTwenty – Ten Stereo faders
FTwenty2 – Eleven Stereo Faders, Ten for inputs, one master fader

Summing Mixers
Purple Audio
€3,419.72 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 10 days

Purple Audio MFTwenty5 is a rack mount discrete summing mixer designed for the 500 series modules and racks. The MFTwenty is a central hub connection other components (fader pack, Vu meters, 500 series racks and modules) to offer an analog modular console. The MFTwenty5 brings new use and value to your 500 racks & modules. Several MFTwenty units can be chained for larger systems. Four fader packs are offered. The optional fader pack and meter can also operate in standalone, without the MFTwenty5.




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