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Soundproof box Silent Server Rack HP 8 - 24 U

Silent Server Rack HP (High Performance) 8U to 24U is designed to isolate servers and noisy devices. It can be a substituted to a vented computer room. Working in silence is more enjoyable, more effective and efficient. Available in five sizes: 8U/12U/16U/20U/24U - 19" wide. For specifications, please check the "Download" tab.

Your equipment to be soundproofed must not exceed the power ratings indicated for each model in the description below.

Please note that shipping charges are not included. Please contact us for a quote.

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€6,460.00 VAT Excluded

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Rack Units
Availability : 5 weeks
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• Replaces an air-conditioned computer room
• Avoids construction costs and all site-related inconveniences
• Saves valuable space
• Quick installation and automatic startup
• Works safely 24 hours a day
• Comes with casters to be moved effortlessly
• In case of moving, is easily transported
• Silent work increases efficiency and performance
• High reliability and performance
• Unbeatable value for money
• 2 colors available: Anthracite and Black
• Available immediately

Performance, Security, Reliability
The Silent Rack XL is made of 18 mm melamine lined with 19 mm insulating panels, 6 mm insulating viscoelastic mass and 25 mm acoustic foam. The front hatch is lined with a second plexiglass hatch for reinforced insulation. Self-tightening seals and cuffs provide a perfect seal. A hatch at the back allows direct access to equipment. It is equipped with a programmable electronic temperature sensing system consisting of 2 cells programming that triggers the start-up of a 2-speed fan as well as the sounding of the audible alarm.

• USB Hub on front panel for easy access
• Separate computer / low voltage electric path to avoid interference
• Ventilation system equipped with sound traps
• Equipped with 19'' double rail profiles at the front and rear of the rack
• Maximum airflow : 1760 M3/hour
• Ventilation power : 7000 W
• Sound damping : 38 dB (A) (+/- 3dB)!

Programming of fans
The first cell allows you to program 2 temperatures:
1st value: start of the first fan (1st speed)
2nd value: switching the first fan to the higher speed if the inetrnal temperature is too high - (2nd speed)

The second cell is used to program the temperature from which an alarm is triggered sound (in case of overheating)

The third cell allows to program 2 temperatures:
1st value - starting the second fan (1st speed)
2nd value - switching the second fan to the higher speed if the internal temperature is too hot (2nd speed)

The fourth cell is used to program the temperature from which an audible alarm is triggered (in case of overheating). The thermometers on the opposite side indicate the internal temperature of the Silent Rack HP. Triple power inlet.

External dimensions Width: 735 mm
Depth: 1184 mm
8 RU chassis - Height : 1305 mm - Weight : 75 kg - Ventilation power : 2600 W
12 RU chassis - Height : 1500 mm - Weight : 92 kg - Ventilation power : 3400 W
16 RU chassis - Height : 1725 mm - Weight : 120 kg - Ventilation power : 4400 W
20 RU chassis - Height : 2051 mm - Weight : 140 kg - Ventilation power : 5000 W
24 RU chassis - Height : 2231 mm - Weight : 175 kg - Ventilation power : 5400 W

Width : 19" ou 482,3 mm
Depth : 904 mm

How to select ?
Each soundproof Box has a defined ventilation power that it can't exceed. Your equipment must therefore consume less power. The Box model is based on this power. For example Silent Box A 1000 has a ventilation power of 1000 Watts.

If you have any doubt, just email us the brand and the model of the equipment you want to soundproof so that you will be confirmed the most suitable model.

For a customized product
We can adapt our caissons to your equipment. Simply tell us the make and model of your equipment and all the information you need for your project.

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