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Silent Box B 1000 is the ideal solution to transform a part of your room into a soundproofed and ventilated place hosting your servers and other equipment generating noise and heat. An ideal soundproof box for PC / Mac / Servers rack-mounted outboard, offering a quiet work-space.

Ventilation Power: 500 Watts

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Paiement 100% sécurisé - 100% Secured payment
Paiement 100% sécurisé - 100% Secured payment

The front panel of the Silent Box B 1000 offers a USB hub with 3 connectors for a quick and direct access to your computer without having to open the box.

• replaces an air conditioned computer room
• Allows you to avoid isolated room construction costs and all inconveniences related to the construction
• Saves a precious space
• Instant installation. After connection to the power connector, it is 100% operational
• Operates safely 24/7
• Equipped with heavy duty casters for effortless move to the desired location
• Easy transport when moving
• Offers a quiet working environment with a real pleasure, efficiency and better performances
• Lets respect the labor code concerning the authorized noise level
• No concurrency due to its reliability and performance
• Unbeatable quality / price ratio
• Available in 2 colors: Black or Anthracite

Presented model has a power of 1000 W, also available in 500 W (check Silent Box B 500).

Performance, Security, Reliability
Silent Box A is made of 18mm melamine lined with 19mm insulating panels and 25mm acoustic foam. The Plexiglas front door provides reinforced insulation. Gaskets and self-tightening cuffs provide a perfect seal. A rear hatch allows easy access to the internal equipment. It is equipped with a programmable electronic temperature sensing system comprises a scheduling cell that trigger the initiation of the fan and trigger the audible alarm.

Programming fans
The programming cell are located on the front panel. It allows to program the temperature at which the fans are triggered and secondly, the temperature at which the alarm will sound and the internal temperature of the box.

• 4 silent fans with adjustable speed
• 2 traps on air entry / exit
• Audible alarm for excessive temperature
• Circuits IT / low voltage cables separated to avoid interference
• Ventilation system with sound traps
• High performance, reliable and secure soundproof box
• Max airflow 180 M3 / hour
• Ventilation capacity: 1000 Watts
• Sound damping: 32 dB (A) (+/-3dB) !
• 2 grommets of 60 mm diameter
• Triple electric socket 230V / 16A
• Interior walls covered with absorbent acoustic foam
• Seals and self-tightening cuffs for a perfect seal
• 12 mm Plexiglas front door
• 4 heavy duty casters with brake

External dimensions
Width: 830 mm
Depth: 1043 mm
Height: 795 mm

Internal dimensions
Width: 348 mm
Depth: 844 mm
Height: 608 mm

Weight : 42 kg

How to select ?
Each soundproof Box has a defined ventilation power that it can't exceed. Your equipment must therefore consume less power. The Box model is based on this power. For example Silent Box A 1000 has a ventilation power of 1000 Watts.

If you have any doubt, just email us the brand and the model of the equipment you want to soundproof so that you will be confirmed the most suitable model.

For a customized product
We can adapt our caissons to your equipment. Simply tell us the make and model of your equipment and all the information you need for your project.

Condition New
Type Sound
Application Sound isolation
Format External chassis
Chassis (LxHxD) 765 x 980 x 800 mm
Quantity 1
Color Black or Anthracite
Active / Passive Active
Option 4U Rack

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