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Rabpit Kimberlite

The Product
Kimberlite is an igneous rock famous for containing diamonds. Hence the name of our cable, which provides you the finest sound.

To get balanced, accurate, and transparent sound—that’s the key in pro audio production. We cooperate with one of the world’s three OCC-certified factories, basing our design concept on full frequency and balanced transmission for pro audio.

As we said, Kimberlite doesn’t boost the electricity; it enhances electricity transmission with the lowest reduction. Kimberlite gives back you the sound you should have. You’ll be blown away by the difference.

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Every musician is looking for the perfect sound. How to record and mix voice perfectly has become every engineer’s goal. 

At this point, we have lots of excellent tools to work with, such as recording warm voice via tube mic pre or fast attack compressor to get much more sound pressure. 

But is that all?
No matter how incredible the back-end equipment, the front-end elements decide the quality.
Namely, electricity
In terms of recording, we always say that sound formation occurs during acoustic energy transfer to electricity via microphone, followed by transfer to digital data via I/O, as A/D. That’s why so many studios and engineers purchase all kinds of amazing equipment to record good sound.

Professional studios always have good electrical system, to get clean electricity and ensure their equipment works well. 

However, don't miss the point
Transmission between electric system and equipment.

The same holds true for mixing. D/A is the first step when you patch to outboard, not to mention performance processing in outboard.

There is no standard format for power cables, so almost all equipment manufacturers use normal black cable for testing. It looks the same as the one on your PC desktop, and is often ignored.

The Sound
The sound character in monitor system by using Kimberlite power cable is absolute homogeneity without exaggerated, colored effects of sound playback.

For AD/DA, you’ll be surprised by the enhancement of the width, depth, definition and comes with clear low-mid frequency without muddiness. With the compressor, you’ll also be impressed by the transparent and wide dynamic change.

• The cable conductor is OFC material (from one of three OCC certified factories around the world) and custom core diameter to ensure signal goes balanced without phase cancellation.
• Applying anti-static PVC layer to eliminate static noise effect on the musical signal.
• The plug is precisely cut and milled from copper pillar, and the surface was electroplated with Cr (chromium) to prevent EMI and RF interference.
• The plug pin connector is pure copper, will offer tighter and higher contacting area so that improve the conductivity.
• The Kimberlite power cable has been run-in by a special run-in technology for at least 72 hours before shipping.
• Regular size: 1.8m (5.9 feet)

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