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Joe Gore Purr Vibrato

Joe Gore Purr Vibrato Sublime simplicity
the a one-knob optical vibrato that provides phenomenally warm, smooth, and sexy pulsations. Its throbbing is hypnotic, immersive, and less fatiguing than most modulation effects. Purr just seems to gush.

Doesn’t a modulation pedal need separate rate and depth controls? Not necessarily. This one-knob scheme just works. Rate and depth are linked in an elegant ratio that simply sounds gorgeous at all settings. Like a rotating Leslie cabinet, Purr sounds coolest out of sync with a song’s tempo.

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Purr runs on standard 9-volt power supplies, but its internal charge pump generates 18 volts for nice, airy headroom. Separate wet and dry outputs create bitchin’ faux-stereo through two amps. Coordinated guitarists can spin the oversized knob with a foot.

Purr was created in San Francisco by Joe Gore and is built in Michigan by skilled craftspeople paid a fair wage. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

TO USE: Advance the knob for faster, deeper throbbing. The LED flashes your current vibrato rate. Coordinated players can spin the knob with a foot. For primitive faux- stereo, connect the wet and dry outputs to separate amps.

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Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
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Joe Gore Cult Germanium Overdrive
When Joe Gore delved into the germanium primitive booster designs of the 1960s, he was astonished. How the hell did these electrifying, supremely dynamic circuits fall into disuse? He says he became so obsessed with the circuits that felt like he’d joined some weird germanium cult. That’s why he calls his own take on those circuits Cult.

However, the Joe Gore Cult Germanium Overdrive is no ’60s clone: It departs dramatically from the original ’60s circuits, providing fatter lows, fewer piercing highs, and more responsive dynamics. It just seems to “gush” more.

Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
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Joe Gore Porkolator Buzzy, fuzzy, and totally badass
Back in the 1970s, Interfax, a small effect company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, created the Harmonic Percolator. It was a weird distortion pedal whose enclosure had all the visual charm of a 1987 PC (think: beige) No one cared, and the Percolator soon vanished. That is, until Chicago guitarist/engineer Steve Albini rediscovered it years later. It became his secret weapon. Eventually the Percolator became a popular DIY project, and several manufacturers have created near-exact clones. But Porkolator isn’t one of those. Yeah, it swipes some ideas from the original circuit, but it sharpens the core tone and vastly expands the range.

Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
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Joe Gore SCREECH Overtone overdose
The Joe Gore Screech is descended from vintage octave fuzzes like the Ampeg Scrambler and Dan Armstrong Green Ringer, but it’s not a clone. It provides much clearer octave overtones, and you don’t need an extra booster for great results.

Most octave fuzzes work best when you play near the 12th fret using the neck pickup. But Screech provides potent octaves regardless of neck position or pickup setting. It also does fine non-octave fuzz.

Guitar Pedals
Zeppelin Design Labs
€123.33 (incl. VAT)
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Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal DIY Kit
Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal  DIY Kit combines many features to make a great sounding, versatile, and practical stompbox. Full MIDI implementation available as an option.
• Digitally controlled, all analog signal path combining maximum flexibility with great tone.
• Both Traditional (In-Phase) and Harmonic (Out-Of-Phase) Tremolo modes
• Up to 15dB of gain
• Modulates the high and low frequencies independently for dynamic swirling effects
• Extra internal controls allow for custom crossover frequency selection and individual HIGH and LOW signal path volume adjustment, for full tonal control
• Bypass footswitch can be used as either a toggle or momentary switch
Plus all the usual:
• LFO wave shape, rate, depth and spacing (aka wave form shift or duty cycle)
• Tap Tempo footswitch and multiplier selection
• Relay controlled, true-bypass switching with click suppression for quiet switching
• MIDI implementation gives remote control over every feature

Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
€357.67 (incl. VAT)
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Joe Gore Filth Fuzz
The downside of complex fuzzes is that they’re a little too wide-ranging, with to many settings you’ll probably never use. It’s easy to waste 20 minutes tweaking knobs without ever nailing the perfect tone. This is what inspired the Joe Gore Filth Interactive Fuzz. It has only four controls, but it’s a cornucopia of cool, quirky, and usable fuzz flavors.

The drive and level controls do what you’d expect. But unlike many fuzz drive controls, this one sounds great throughout its range. Extreme settings are molten-lava thick. Lower settings are like slightly cooled lava, maybe?

Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
€256.76 (incl. VAT)
Availability: 6 days

Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz One knob. Many tones
Duh isn't as stupid as it looks.
You know those fuzzes that sound bitchin' in your bedroom, but vanish in the mix in the studio or onstage? The Joe Gore Pedals Duh Remedial Fuzz isn't one of them.

Duh is an aggressive one-knob fuzz that doesn't merely bludgeon your amp with gain, but adds a distinctive, harmonically rich character. There's high-end sizzle and low-end mass, but both are carefully sculpted - think "fat but fit." Unlike most ultra-high-gain fuzzes, it boasts extraordinary dynamic sensitivity, providing high-contrast tones in response to guitar-knob adjustments. Result: far more colors than you’d expect from a one-knob box.

Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
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The Joe Gore Cult Germanium Channel Overdrive is an expanded version of the one-knob Cult Germanium Overdrive. Guitar Player magazine calls Cult, “The most dynamic overdrive we’ve heard.” Vintage Guitar declared it, “one of the most flexible fuzz units we have ever tested.” Tone Report says, “Cult’s dynamic range is freaking ridiculous.” Users include Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses, Pharrell Williams’s Brent Paschke, and Paul McCartney’s Brian Ray.

Cult Germanium Channel’s added controls shape tones before and after the drive circuit. Variable input capacitance yields everything from bright ’60s-style treble boosting to Sabbath-like sludge. Immaculately tuned 2-band active EQ helps you dial in the perfect emphasis. The EQ is fastidiously tuned for good, usable sounds at every possible setting.

Guitar Pedals
Joe Gore
€368.88 (incl. VAT)
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Joe Gore Gross Distortion
At its heart, the Joe Gore Gross is a simple, one-transistor distortion from the same family tree as the Electra circuit. This simple yet powerful effect was built into Electra guitars in the late ’70s, and was later adopted by many boutique stompbox builders. For good reason: It’s a lively, dynamically responsive circuit with less compression than most modern IC-based distortion pedals. The transistor boosts the level, and then the signal hits a pair of clipping diodes, which provide the signature distortion.

Every diode combination sounds slightly different. In fact, several boutique pedal companies have based their businesses on creating Electra derivatives with slightly varied diode choices.

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