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  • Switchcraft 1625 Switchcraft 1625
    Availability : 7 days
    Switchcraft 1625

    Switchcraft StudioPatch  Series 1625 TT Bantam Patch ModuleThe 1625 is the newest addition to our line of TT patchbay products.Its modular design provides audio engineers with a premium quality TTpatchbay that can be used as an individual 8 channel patch module, or mounted (up to 5 across) into a 1.5RU rack tray.EZ Norm technology enables signal flow to...

    $ 280.00
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  • Switchcraft 1625 RACK Switchcraft 1625 RACK
    Availability : 7 days
    Switchcraft 1625 RACK

    The Switchcraft 1625 RACK is a 1.5RU rack tray which can accommodate up to five 1625 TT Patch Modules. 1625RACK includes mounting screws.

    $ 110.00
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  • Switchcraft 318BT Switchcraft 318BT
    Availability : 8 days
    Switchcraft 318BT

    Switchcraft 318BT Phantom Powered Bluetooth Audio ReceiverWorld’s first USB and Phantom Powered Bluetooth Audio Dongle318BT is a low latency, high reliability, rugged dongle, utilizing Bluetooth® 4.2technology to convert input devices into Bluetooth enabled devices, using A2DP as a slave device. 318BT is designed to be powered by Phantom Power available...

    $ 120.00
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  • Switchcraft 318BTS Switchcraft 318BTS
    Availability : 8 days
    Switchcraft 318BTS

    Switchcraft 318BTS World’s first USB or Phantom Powered Bluetooth Audio Dongle 318BTS is a low latency, high reliability, rugged dongle, utilizing Bluetooth® 4.0 technology to convert input devices into Bluetooth® enabled devices, using A2DP as a slave device.

    $ 170.00
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  • Switchcraft 6425 Switchcraft 6425
    Availability : In stock
    Switchcraft 6425

    Switchcraft 6425 - 64 Points Bantam PatchbayStudioPatch Series Bantam / TT Patchbays utilize Switchcraft’s EZ Norm technology, allowing the signal flow of each channel to be instantly modified from the front of the patchbay using a standard screwdriver. Now, all StudioPatch® Series Bantam/TT patchbays feature user programmable grounds, making it possible...

    $ 799.00
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  • Switchcraft 9625 Switchcraft 9625
    Availability : In stock
    Switchcraft 9625

    Switchcraft's StudioPatch 9625 is designed to fit seamlessly into either an analog or digital studio environment. The StudioPatch 9625 simply connects to I/O interfaces with common DB25 cables. The StudioPatch 9625 is conveniently laid out with two groups of 24 channels of TT (Bantam) jacks. Each group of eight has its own in and out DB25. Depending on...

    $ 1,267.07
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