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  • Inward Connections Bad Boy

    Inward Connections Bad Boy 500 Series VCA compressor picks up where its predecessors, the VC500 and VOGAD, left off.  It provides a huge range of compression timing options, allowing users to dial in attack and release to suit almost any source imaginable.  This versatile circuit is also coupled to the famed VF600 discrete amp blocks and an all-new...

    1 021,35 €
    851,12 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections Magnum VU

    With a warm and upfront low-end, punchy mid-range and open top end, the Inward Connections Magnum VU will bring new life to your recording rig. Classic sounding warmth, but with airiness and headroom for days. Magnum offers something different than the old standbys. Extra large tone for your lunchbox!

    945,69 €
    788,08 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections Mix690

    Built using the same proprietary op-amps as the DEQ-1, the Mix 690 Summing Mixer sounds very large and fat while still retaining clarity and detail in the high end. The mid range comes across as punchy and perceptually loud, which adds excitement to any mix. The perfect way to relieve your overworked digital mix buss and restore resolution and depth to...

    5 295,87 €
    4 413,22 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections MPD500 (used)

    Used Inward Connections MPD500 in very good operating & aesthetic shape.  Warrantee : 6 months For more details, read below. 

    770,00 €
    641,67 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections The Brat

    The Brat is a completely functional 4-band parametric equalizer in the 500 series format utilizing the VF600 discrete amp blocks adding warmth and definition to your recordings.This equalizer will give you the shaping tools needed to solve any of your EQ demands. It will deliver all the surgical features that you would come to expect in a 4-band...

    1 021,35 €
    851,12 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections The Brute

    Inward Connections The Brute is one of the most well suited compressor/limiters within the 500 series format to obtain a "high-end" vocal sound. It will add warmth and presence to your vocal, bringing out a breathy and airy quality while also smoothing out peaks and bringing the vocal up front in your mix. The Brute is also excellent for guitars, bass,...

    945,69 €
    788,08 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections the Brute II

    The Brute is Inward Connections’ most popular offering to date.  It borrows the ultra-smooth opto-cell circuit of the flagship Vac Rac TSL-4 and pairs it with the VF600 discrete amp block, making the Brute a tremendous value.   It smoothly controls transients while adding vibe and character with an airy quality.  For 500 Series users it has become a near...

    2 415,56 €
    2 012,97 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections VC500 (used)

    Used Inward Connections VC500 in excellent operating & aesthetic shape.  Warrantee : 6 months For more details, read below. 

    810,00 €
    675,00 €   tax excl.

  • Inward Connections VOGAD (used)

    Used Inward Connections VOGAD VCA compressor in a perfect operating & aesthetic shape.  Warrantee : 6 months For more details, read below. 

    830,00 €
    691,67 €   tax excl.

  • Roswell Audio Colares

    Roswell Pro Audio Colares • Boutique Vocal Condenser MicrophoneThe Colares is a large-body condenser microphone with a larger than life sound. It is our flagship vocal microphone, and excels at injecting color, vibe, excitement, and life to a track.This is not a neutral or transparent microphone. It is unapologetically rich in both tone and harmonics. The...

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    1 223,99 €   tax excl.

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