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Aurora Audio GT4-8 is an eight channel 4-band EQ with 5 HPF and 5 LPF, 3 Q settings for the 2 medium bands and 2 degrees of boost & attenuation of 8 and 18dB. An exceptional EQ, musical and versatile. The GT4-8 is also available in an active version with class-A amplifier stage and Marinair transformers: GT4-8 TRS

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When creating art, no artist wants to have a small palate to choose from. That’s why when Geoff Tanner set out to create a four band EQ, he made sure that the user could make sweeping changes or the most subtle of tweaks. The design has resulted in an EQ that provides warmth and punch, but also can provide that final touch that can only be found in a pure analog path.

This might be stating the obvious, but the GT4-8 is the 8 channel version of the GT4-2 EQ. Originally designed to be paired with the GTP8 8 channel preamp perfectly, the GT4-8trs can be used in any line level application. The GT4-8trs can be used with your favorite pre, compressor, or effect with unbelievable results.

The Aurora Audio GT4-8 EQ features 30 selectable frequencies ranging from 33Hz to 15K. The GT4-8trs is Class A discrete and features balanced transformer input and output. The transformers are made in the United Kingdom to Geoff Tanner’s exacting specifications by the old Marinar crew. Each of the GT4-8trs’ channels is fortified with it’s own set of transformers. It is an iron lovers dream come true.

The mid-range is where any EQ can show its true power. The mid-range frequencies feature THREE selectable bandwidth options to choose from. The widest curve gives you the most vintage style sound, while the narrower options enable you to get more surgical. For example, the narrow curves can help you zone in on a snare drum while not highlighting the hi hat that may be bleeding into the microphone.

The high and low pass filters are incredibly useful and musical. The LPF ranges from 3.9K to 18K and can be used for taming high frequencies or to dull something out completely. The HPF can help clean up low rumbles ranging from 22Hz to 270Hz.

The GT4-8trs is a powerhouse EQ that combines the best of Geoff Tanner’s designs and Class A discrete technology. The result is a sound that sets it apart from any four band equalizer that has come before it. It is suitable for any single source and it’s also at home for making adjustments for an entire mix. Try one for yourself and understand what sets the GT4-8trs above the rest.

• 8 channel 4 band all discrete transistor Class A circuitry EQ
• 5 HPF: 22, 47, 82, 150 & 270Hz
• 5 LPF: 3.9, 5.6, 8.2, 12, 18 kHz
• Mid frequencies with three degrees of Q adjustment per channel from a very
broad bell to a narrow
• Over +20dB range of boost per channel
• Overlap of low frequency and lowmid (330Hz max LF, 100Hz min Lo-Mid)
• Overlap of high frequency and high-mid (HF starts at 3.3KHz, Hi-Mid starts at 2KHz)
• Two degrees of boost and cut per channel: 8 & 18dB
• Input Impedance: 10Kohm (balanced)
• Output Impedance: <75 Ohm

Condition New
Type 4 bands Parametric EQ
Application Tracking & Mixing
Channels 8
Circuit Solid State
Inout transformer(s) Marinair
Output transformer(s) Marinair
Format 19"
Chassis 4 U
Quantity 1

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