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Tree Audio Tree Comp

Tree Audio Tree Comp VCA based limiter compressor
• VF600 discrete amp blocks
• Transformerless differential-balanced input
• Transformer-balanced output
• Wet/Dry Mix control
• LED Output VU meter -18db to +6dB
• Gain Makeup control +/- 16dB
• Threshold Control -40dB to +22dB
• Ratio Control 2:1 to 30:1 to infinity
• Attack Control 0.2 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds
• Release Control 0.1 seconds to 3 seconds
• LED Gain reduction meter -2dB to -20dB
• High Pass Filter – 250Hz sidechain filter
• Stereo Link – can be tied to an adjacent unit
• Bypass – relay engaged bypass

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€1,163.94 (incl. VAT)

€969.95 VAT Excluded

Availability : 10 days
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• Input Impedance: > 20K ohms balanced
• Output Impedance: 600 ohms balanced
• Frequency Response: +/- 0.2dB @ 10Hz to 100KHz
• Output Signal to Noise: < -95dB

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VCA Compressor
Tracking & Mixing
Solid State
Inout transformer(s)
Output transformer(s)
1 Slot
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€2,540.00 (incl. VAT) €2,690.00
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Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 100% DAW controlled Analog Limiter
The sound of the limiter is of course based on the quality of its hardware design. But all the control and user interactions are performed in the digital domain. This allows us to incorporate options and possibilities not found in any standard analog limiter:
• Save and recall presets
• Instant reset of all parameters
• Rapid, precise and repeatable adjustments
• Precisely linked stereo operation with the ease of a single control
• DAW automation
• Comprehensive metering operations based on high quality A/D conversion and DSP

Dramastic Audio
€2,980.14 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 3 weeks

Obsidian 500 Dual Mono Expansion from Dramastic Audio adds Dual Mono Functionality to the Obsidian 500.

Adds the followings to the Obiodian 500:
• Duplicate Set of Precison Stepped Controls for Dual Mono Fonctionnality
• Independent Metering of Left & Right channels
• External Sidechain Input for Left & Right Channels
• Expansion Port for linking to the Obsidian 500

€2,519.06 (incl. VAT)
Availability: Contact us before placing an order

We love FET compression! In fact, some say we’re slightly obsessed with it. They might be right.

The Overstayer Stereo Field Effect Model 3706 Limiter/Compressor is an evolution of our passion for FET compressors and classic analog recording chains. The Stereo Field Effect, or SFE, is a stereo unit with ganged controls that combines compression and limiting, with analog tone shaping and harmonics stages to evoke the tonality of a classic analog recording and mixing chain.

Weight Tank
€1,123.46 (incl. VAT)
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The Weight Tank Compressor will put a stamp on any material run through its circuitry. The smooth and euphonic sound of soft-knee vari-mu compression paired with thick, distinct and colorful harmonic saturation makes the Weight Tank Compressor very unique.

Unlike its cousin, the Locomotive Audio 14B, which buffs your sound to a glossy sheen, the Weight Tank Compressor offers darker tones while adding huge vintage heft to your audio.

TRANSFORMERS: Three all-steel transformers deliver big, thick, colored results
TUBE CIRCUITRY: Audio passes through two vacuum tubes for smooth warmth
CUSTOM METERING: Backlit meter displays gain reduction accurately
ATTACK & RELEASE: Variable attack & release timing allows for great flexibility
ROUND | DRIVE MODES: When run in “Round” mode, a smooth, sweet and pure tone will result. If switched to “Drive” mode,  an enhanced harmonic structure and overall driven tone will result.

P O W E R E D   B Y   L O C O M O T I V E   A U D I O

€1,139.04 (incl. VAT) €1,258.80
Available immediately
Limited special offer

WesAudio DIONE Analog BUS Compressor with Digital Recall
Legendary sound of Stereo Bus compressor has been true companion on countless recordings since 40 years. Often recognized as “mixbus glue”, this particular compression sound have become industry standard. We present _DIONE – fully analog, legendary VCA compressor with digital recall.

Purple Audio
€1,017.74 (incl. VAT)
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Purple Audio ACTION is a FET compressor reminiscent of the MC77, designed to work in standard 500 racks.

The Action by Purple Audio features a constant impedance 600 ohm input attenuator feeding the input transformer, just like the MC77 units. This makes the input more resistant to overload by hot signals. After the input transformer, the signal is attenuated by the same gain reduction FET as in the MC77. The attenuated signal is buffered by a class A KDJ3 Op-Amp, which feeds the output fader. Lastly, the class AB KDJ4 output Op-Amp drives the custom hexafilar nickel and steel output transformer. The total gain (with no attenuation) is 45dB, just like the MC77.

Tube Compressors
Undertone Audio
€3,203.93 (incl. VAT)
Last items in stock

Undertone Audio UNFa-1 Accessory Box
The UNFa-1 Accessory is an add-on to the UnFairchild 670m mkII vari-mu tube compressor/limiter. It adds a whole new world of flexibility and function to the already versatile recreation of the Fairchild circuit. There were certain features that didn’t make sense to have included in the UnFairchild design because it would have strayed too far from the mission of faithfully recreating the original Fairchild circuit. Being outside the boundaries of the original Fairchild circuit doesn’t make these new features any less desirable. An optional add on product was and is the perfect solution. With these added features, UnFairchild users can have an authentic hardware recreation of the legendary vintage musicality of an original Fairchild WITH a level of control and flexibility that many plugins don’t even offer. It is truly unfair.

Rack Series Compressors
Smart Research
€2,034.00 (incl. VAT)
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Smart Research C1 Compressor is the original black front panel version of C2 compressor. (Two sets of controls and two audio channels, but no Sidechain inputs, or Crush facility). Popular in UK and US west coast studios.

A modded version with 2 high-pass filters and a Sidechain input, the C1t is also available.

Shadow Hills Industries
€3,143.20 (incl. VAT)
Availability : In stock

The Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph is a direct descendant of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and maintains its reputation of unquestionable quality and exceptional performance - in a 500 Series format. It’s inner workings are developed from the discrete gain cells of the Mastering Compressor which are combined with the Optograph’s extremely flexible Sidechain Filter matrix. This combination provides great possibilities for new recording techniques and the dynamic control.

Chandler Limited
€2,020.00 (incl. VAT)
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Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor GCOMP - One Channel Germanium Compressor
The GERM Comp uses the same all class A amp found in the GERM Pre and Tone Control and is transformer balanced in and out. The Compression circuit uses a FET gain reduction element but with the tricks and flexibilty of all the GERM units. Some of the most notable additions include a WET/DRY mix (for "submixing" tracks within the comp), COMP CURVE (which selects the knee using various diode combinations), CLEAN/DIRTY COMP, and SIDECHAIN FILTER. Many of the GERM Comp parameters have been purposely set by studio use and listening, not by over analyzing them with test gear. The result is a musical powerhouse for ready for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

500 Series Compressors
Standard Audio
€865.93 (incl. VAT)
Avaialble immediately

The Standard Audio Stretch is a 500 Series, multi-band Compressor / Dynamics Processor unit based on noise reduction units from the 1970s and 1980s. Stretch emulates the sound of these classic units in their respective “encode” modes. However, the Stretch adds new features to employ this old trick in multitude of new ways.  

€3,650.00 (incl. VAT)
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Looptrotter MONSTER COMPRESSOR 2 has been redesigned from the ground up to improve durability and sound quality. The Monster Compressor’s second generation features following upgrades:
• Grayhill switches with lifetime warranty
• 6N2P NOS military grade electron tubes
• Burr Brown Sound + integrated circuit components
• Intuitive, soft deesser (compressor mode) for warm, deep yet silky smooth sound
• Thick, heavy duty, coated aluminum front panel

Three independent devices of an original design in one piece
• FET Compressor / Limiter
• Tube saturation
• Mixer of dry and wet signal

Make the Monster Compressor 2 a very creative tool with great versatility, able to:
• Compress and warm up and punch up the sound
• Process subgroups, stems or just single tracks during tracking or mixing
• Master

Smart Research
€2,814.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 14 days

Smart Research C2B offers an additional parallel compression stage to the standard C2, or a Blend function to the famous C2 VCA compressor by Alan Smart. The pot is located on the left of the front panel. The unit houses two independent mono compressors, in stereo mode, the left channel controls adjust the settings of both channels, so the right channel controls are no longer used, offering a real stereo operation. The C2M version has a set of controls and two audio channels for stereo use, while the C2R is a two-channel extension allows you to build a system with up to 8 channels controlled from a single C2 or C2M.

€2,687.75 (incl. VAT)
Available in 10 days

H2 Audio H760 FET Compressor / Limiter
Undoubtedly one of the best-kept secrets in recording, the F760 designed by AD&R and licensed by Helios is one of the most classic FET comp/limiters ever made. Sold as modules fitted into classic Helios desks and most famously heard on Led Zeppelin’s ‘When The Levee Breaks’ drum recording. A very easy-to-use unit with fixed threshold and 5 pre-selected ratios, selectable attack and release times and separate Limiter threshold. The H760 will allow the user quick adjustment of dynamic control of any audio program and maintain the classic sound of a British FET compressor/limiter.

€1,450.00 (incl. VAT) €1,558.80
Available immediately
Limited special offer

WesAudio NG76 Next generation FET compressor with digital recall and automation
FET compressors have been an essential tool in recording studios for over 50 years. Its distinctive sound and reliability have made it a go-to for producers and engineers around the world. The 76-style FET compressor has left its mark on countless hit records which has helped to establish its reputation as a reliable and versatile tool in the recording technology. We have improved this design, creating a whole new level of versatility with seamless DAW integration – We present ng76 – fully analog FET compressor with digital recall.

Also available in Stereo Pair.

Vertigo Sound
€5,350.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 10 weeks


The Vertigo Sound VSC-3 is the legal successor of the VSC-2, which now is a modern classic and can be found in many top class studios around the world.

Vertigo Sound spent a lot of effort making a good product even better. The VSC-3 can do all the tricks the VSC-2 is known and loved for plus a bunch of new features and options.

€2,900.00 (incl. VAT) €3,117.60
Last items in stock
Limited special offer

WesAudio ng76 Sterei Pair Two 100% analog FET compressors with digital controls
ng76 is a 100% analog processing unit with 24dBu of headroom. Regardless of its full digital control, the analog signal path provides lightning speed compression sound we all know from countless records.

Also available in mono version.

500 Series Compressors
ACME Audio
€1,062.73 (incl. VAT)
Available immediately

Acme Audio Mfg. Co. is proud to introduce the OPTICOM XLA-500. Taking inspiration from the acclaimed XLA-3, Acme Audio has painstakingly squeezed the XLA-3’s topology into a convenient two space 500 series module.  The XLA-500 is a tube optical audio limiter designed to produce a full range of non-linear, dynamic audio effects.

Mastering Processors
GC Audio
€6,960.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability: In stock

GC Audio revealed the Analog Riser - 5-stage processor for tracking, Mixing & Mastering
The GC Audio Analog Riser is a high-end dynamics and harmonics processor, which allows you to obtain sharp and unique dynamics and harmonics processing. It offers a unique sound signature for demanding engineers, right up to the mastering stage.

Several years of research and development have been necessary to create this analog processor so that it can be used in all areas of the audio business.

An uncompromising electronic design has been made to obtain an irreproachable sound quality.

The GC Audio Analog Riser will allow you to process sound with confidence and pleasure for recording, mixing and mastering.

500 Series Compressors
Q2 Audio
€2,845.19 (incl. VAT)
Availability : In stock

Q2 Audio F765 stereo Pair is the compression and limiting sections of the famous "Compex Limiter"™ built into a single 500 Series slot. The audio path contains the same blue Phillips type capacitors and BC series transistors as the original Compex.

Formatted after the vertical "N-Unit" with slight layout changes for enhanced usability, the F765 lives up to the reputation it's big brother, the F760X-RS, has made over decades of being a "secret weapon" on countless records.

€3,299.00 (incl. VAT) €3,358.80
Disponible immédiatement
Limited special offer

WesAudio ngBusComp TRUE QUAD VCA THAT 2181 - Legendary sound of Stereo Bus compressor has been true companion on countless recordings since 40 years. Often recognized as “mixbus glue”, this particular compression sound have become industry standard. Now, we improve this design creating whole new level of versitality with unbeliveble modern DAW integration – We present ngBusComp – fully analog, dual mono, stereo, mid-side compressor, with digital recall.

First and most important point – ngBusComp is 100% analog device with +27dBu of headroom. Regardless its digital control nature, fully analog signal path provides top VCA compression sound.

Four THAT 2181 VCA in signal chain, and one in side chain detector for each channel!

STEREO / DUAL MONO compression! ngBusComp detectors can be linked and unlinked anytime – what allows us true bus compression behavior, as dual mono compression when needed!

Relative channel linking! Channels can be linked/unlinked anytime! It is allowed to have different settings on both channels and still manage those in a relative way!
We can work on Mid-Side mix separately for each channel, but if we would like to change balance of whole track, it is enough to engage “parameter link” and both channels Make Up gain will be adjusted relatively keeping same amount of volume difference!

MID-SIDE operation mode ngBusComp supports mid-side opeartion, you can give your side channel diffferent compression settings then middle channel!

Chandler Limited
€3,560.00 (incl. VAT)
Avaiilability : 4 days

Chandler Limited RS124 - EMI/Abbey Road Tube Compressor
The Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor is a recreation of one of the most coveted audio valve compressors of all time, the legendary EMI/Abbey Road RS124, reimagined for use in the modern studio environment.

The RS124, a “variable-mu” compressor circuit, was built for use at Abbey Road Studios, and was never commercially available until now.

Along with features traditionally found on the original counterparts, Input control, Output attenuation, ‘Recovery’ (release) control and the unique ‘HOLD’ setting, the Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor includes modern facilities such as adjustable attack, selectable output impedance, and a special twist, dubbed the ‘SuperFuse’.

The RS124 brings home the sound of a legend, reimagined for the modern era, today.

500 Series Compressors
Smart Research
€1,470.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : In stock

Smart Research C1LA is a stereo compressor/limiter, released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original C1 Stereo/Dual Mono unit, and the 50th anniversary of North American distributor, Sunset Sound. It is a versatile unit, housed in a two-module wide 500-series format, with three main modes of operation offering a range of possibilities. It can be used for all stereo or single channel signal applications: as a main mix bus compressor; for sub-mixes; or for tracking either mono or stereo sources.

For 25 years Smart Research compressors have been used across many mixes: with artists as diverse as the Rolling Stones to the Three Tenors. The C1LA shares this history by including the same electronics and settings as the original C1, but with several new features.

€2,299.00 (incl. VAT) €2,399.00
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Bettermaker Bus Compressor offers 100% analog signal path, Dry/Wet mix, sidechain with HPF, with hardware insert and preview function,  adjustable THD saturation and more..

All this with high analog quality and recall with a speed of a native plugin.
• Advanced analog stereo VCA compressor with PEAK/RMS detection
• All parameters are digitally controlled via front panel and/or DAW (with dedicated plugin)
• Dry/Wet MIX control for parallel compression
• Sidechain high pass filter with hardware insert and preview function
• Adjustable THD for harmonically rich sound
• On-board measurement of PEAK/RMS levels
• 100% analog audio signal path
• Total recall and A/B comparison from your favourite DAW
• LED matrix display and six encoders with push-button action for ease of control
• USB connectivity with MAC/PC

Tube Compressors
Undertone Audio
€12,645.90 (incl. VAT)
Available immediately

Undertone Audio UnFairchild 670M II
The Fairchild circuit could be one of the most coveted and time tested compressors of all time. It has proven its extraordinary universal musicality for over 5 decades on countless genres of music. The beauty of its design is in its simplicity. The audio path, primarily consisting of only 2 transformers and 4 paralleled vari-mu tubes, can provide a gentle smoothing of levels or an explosive, energizing compression that will make any recording leap out of the speakers. The UTA UnFairchild is a painstaking recreation of the classic sound of this circuit.

Smart Research
€2,274.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 4 weeks

Smart Research C1t is the modified version of the venerable C1 you can find in most modern UK and West Coast recording studios. The C1t is upgraded with the following new features:

C1 Sidechain Modifications
These mods add a three position sidechain high pass filter switch to each channel, and a stereo, unbalanced external sidechain input connector on the rear panel. Using the switches to roll off low frequency signals feeding the sidechain can reduce compression slightly at low frequencies, but without effecting frequency response of the audio signal path. The external inputs can be used for various effects such as 'ducking' from a vocal or the overlap of 'a bass and a kick ... etc.

High Pass Filter switches
The upper toggle switch is for the left channel, and the lower switch for the right. The center position is off (no filter): up is 75Hz, or down is 150Hz high pass. The filters either work on the normal (internal) sidechain signal, or on an external signal if fed into the external jack input.

External Input
Added to rear panel. The stereo input connector is normalled to break the internal sidechain source when a jack is inserted.

Lindell Audio
€805.00 (incl. VAT) €955.00
Last items in stock
Limited special offer

Lindell Audio 17Xs MKII is a one channel transformer coupled compressor/limiter. It’s a FET (field effect transistor) design that incorporate some new and exclusive features such as ”High Pass Side-chain Filter”, ”Mix Knob” mix between dry and wet signal (parallel compression), ”Signal High Pass and Low Pass Filters” that colors the sound nicely.

The 17Xs is our take on the classic ”1176 Sound”. It can be smooth or it can be a rock’n'roll monster when using ratio 100:1 (all in).

€1,399.00 (incl. VAT) €1,438.80
Available immediately
Limited special offer

WesAudio RHEA tube Stereo Vari-Mu tube Compressor with digital recall

Main features
• 100% analog device with +24dBu of headroom
• True stereo tube “vari-mu” style compressor
• High voltage tube operation
• Input CARNHILL transformers
• Input and output level control for maximum flexibility
• Mix knob for parallel compression
• THD – harmonic distortion with two modes (Medium & High)
• SIDE CHAIN FILTERS – 3 high pass filters at 60,90 and 150 Hz
• 500 series and ng500 (e.g. _TITAN) series compatible
• Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs
• Analog automation in DAW

€974.80 (incl. VAT) €1,057.00
Available immediately
Limited special offer

WesAudio MIMAS 1176 Style Analog Compressor with Digital Recall
Since year 1968 this style of compression dominated hundreds of recordings and to this day it is most commonly used signal processor in the industry. Lightning-fast attack and release times became main companions of audio engineers. WesAudio proudly presents _MIMAS – ng500 series implementation of legendary FET compressor. This time along with classic analog sound You will receive most demanded feature in audio industry – DIGITAL RECALL.

€1,859.00 (incl. VAT)
Last items in stock

WesAudio Timbre – Vari-mu Tube Compressor
As always It’s all about compression so we’ve created “Timbre” – an all tube vari-mu compressor based on the 6386 tube, inspired by the old, famous and much desired Gates STA-Level compressor. The Timbre is easy to use, full of color and sweetness. It is a vintage-style compressor made from the highest quality of components.

Augmenting the design, we have added new features like the third mode of operation with shorter attack time, a high-pass sidechain filter, a link for stereo operation and a bypass function. Timbre utilizes a novel programme controlled release circuit which creates density and consistency while minimizing typical compressor side-effects at up to 40dB of gain reduction!

Buzz Audio
€1,080.00 (incl. VAT)
Last items in stock

Buzz Audio Essence is a 500 Series version of the flagship SOC-1.1 opto compressor with a similar compression characteristic. The signal path uses Lundahl input and output transformers and our True Class A discrete amplifiers. This compressor is the only compressor on the market to offer a side chain insert point in the 500 Series format. In addition, on board side chain equalisation allows you to alter the sensitivity of the compressor at high and low frequencies - another unique feature of the Essence.

Q2 Audio
€3,879.80 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 4 weeks

The ADR Compex F760X-RS by Q2 Audio reintroduces, at long last, the venerable and highly sought-after dynamics processor of yesteryear. The unique character and spirit of the Compex can be heard on many classic recordings (think of that huge, commanding drum sound on When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin, for instance). With painstaking attention to detail, Q2 Audio has masterfully reproduced the exact circuit design of the original Compex, with a handful of new features and updated components.

An excellent reissue of the ADR (Audio Design & Recording) F690 from the 70's, the machine that makes wonders on percussive sources (Drums, Percussion, Piano ...etc.) known for the sound of Led Zeppelin drums. This new version is identical to the original version, sounds the same but solves the recurring problems of the original machine, and offers a wider stereo image.

Chandler Limited
€1,470.00 (incl. VAT)
Avalability : 4 days

CHANDLER LIMITED TG Opto Compressor - 500 Series Optical Compressor
The Chandler Limited TG Opto compressor is a handmade, fully discrete, mono, dual space module, designed for the 500 Series format.

The TG Opto for 500 Series is a relative of the TG1 Opto, found in Chandler Limited’s TG Microphone Cassette, the TG1 Limiter and Zener Limiter, and traces its lineage to the historic EMI TG12413 limiters found on the TG12345 mixing and mastering consoles of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

The TG Opto compressor control-set includes: selectable sharp and rounded knees, continuous input, output (makeup gain), attack, release, and true bypass.

Buzz Audio
€1,930.00 (incl. VAT)
Last items in stock

Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 The use of Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) as the control element of an audio compressor was pioneered in the 1960's and we are all aware of the value placed on those famous vintage "LA" units. The Buzz Audio SOC-1.1 was designed not to copy, but to take that signature and improve on it by offering the user more control. With 4 ratio settings, 3 attack options and 6 release times, the SOC-1.1 puts you in command of the dynamics rather than dealing with set parameters.

Smart Research
€2,034.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 6 days

The Smart Research C2 compressor houses two independant mono compressors, or in STEREO mode, the left-hand controls operate both audio channels, with the right-hand controls not used, giving true Stereo operation. The C2M version has one set of controls and two audio channels for Stereo use, whilst the C2R is a dual channel remote expander for building up to 8 channel systems controlled from one C2M or C2.

The characteristic sound of this unit arises mostly from the fast response at the onset of compression, which when delayed to occur around the mid range attack settings (after 0.3 to 3 milliseconds) results in a window through which transients can still pass. When used accross a mix, or with any dynamic programme, this has the effect of adding 'punch', as the sidechain 'breathes' around these transients, while still controlling overall levels. CRUSH mode has been developed as an extension of this 'musicality', adding to and accentuating the factors involved in producing the character of the unit. CRUSH may sound surprising to those interested in more gentle applications, being capable of exaggerated compression effects, but in conjunction with the fast limit settings also introduced with this unit, it allows the C2 to be used for a much wider range of applications than the C1.

€2,417.85 (incl. VAT)
Availability: Contact us before placing an order

Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control Model 3722 is like having an entire mixing signal chain in a single rack space. It goes beyond the capabilities of a typical compressor/limiter and enables new sonic possibilities while streamlining workflow.  

The SVC 3722 combines the gain control and punch of VCA gain cells, the warmth and character of our discrete analog Harmonics circuitry, and the sculpting power of an ultra-smooth 2-band shelving EQ. The SVC has dynamics control from fast peak limiting to smooth RMS compression, with multiple starting ratios and a Behavior control to create new and unique envelopes. Use the LEVEL control to drive into Harmonics to further bend transient peaks, adding musical harmonic color and cohesiveness as well as increasing apparent volume.

Shadow Hills Industries
€11,009.64 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 8 weeks

Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor has been created so that you can get world-class dynamics control, with the sonic versatility to shape your sound via switchable output transformers. To start with, the Mastering Compressor sports stereo and dual-mono modes to fit any application, and separate Optical and Discrete compression sections for two-stage compression techniques. For your convenience, dual Hoyt meters provide signal status at a glance, and stepped attenuators make it easy to recall specific session settings. And once you've got your dynamics under control, choose from three different output transformers with their own individual sonic flavor. The Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor gives you more flexibility than you thought possible with a dynamics controller.

Dramastic Audio
€3,705.49 (incl. VAT)
Availability : In stock

Dramastic Audio Obsidian Stereo Comp TXIO
Through the use of several proprietary methods the Dramastic Audio Obsidian Stereo compressor performs a range of tasks unheard of from the average SSL or SSL-esque unit.  The fist difference the user will notice is that the unit suffers no ‘shrinkage’ to the audio sound field.  The highs stay brilliant and clear and the bottom will continue to thunder (especially with the unit’s internal High Pass Filter engaged on the unit’s detection circuit).

Chandler Limited
€4,890.00 (incl. VAT)
Last items in stock

Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter - Dual EMI Abbey Road Compressor/Limiter
The Chandler Limited TG1 is a recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late 60's. The TG Limiter was originally designed to be like the Fairchild 660/670 which was loved by many EMI engineers, including Geoff Emerick, but ended up with a very special sound all its own. These rare pieces were never commercially available and only EMI owned studios had access to them. Our version has been remade from the original design information and circuit board drawings as provided by Abbey Road and EMI to ensure extreme authenticity!

TG1 Updates & Modifications: Harmonic Distortion Function
Now standard on all Abbey Road Special Edition TG-1's, this option allows bypassing of the compressor/limiter threshold but leaves all circuits in the signal path, turning the unit into a powerful Harmonic Distortion generator capable of kicking out up to 2% Total Harmonic Distortion. That's more than 2 times the amount of analog tape! And all with 100% discrete transformer balanced circuits. Adjust the input for amount of THD and the output to match level. Try running Distortion on one channel and hard limiting on the other. The ultimate in retro! This option is placed on the front panel of the unit with a toggle switch for each channel.

Other products of the same brand
Tree Audio
€1,163.94 (incl. VAT)
Availability : In stock

Tree Audio TREE PRE 500 Series Microphone and instrument preamplifier and DI for guitars, keyboards and low level instruments
• Circuitry features two Inward Connection’s VF600 all discrete Amp blocks
• LED VU meter that monitors the output level
• +48VDC phantom power switch
• Phase reverse switch
• -20dB pad switch
• Hi-Z low level line input 1/4" phone jack for
 guitars, keyboards and low level instruments
• 12-position rotary trim (5dB per step)
• 70 Hz hi-pass filter
• Output level rotary control
• Balanced input and output transformers
• Fits standard 500 series slot configuration, mechanically and electrically

Tree Audio
€1,163.94 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 10 days

Tree Audio TreeQ 2 a 500 Series 2-Band Parametric Equalizer
• Low band frequency range 35Hz to 1KHz
• High band frequency range 560Hz to 16KHz
• Maximum boost/cut +/- 20dB per band
• Range of bandwidth adjustment 0.16 to 2.0 octave
• Bypass switch
• VF600 discrete amp blocks
• Differential balance input transformer less
• Balance output transformer

Tree Audio
€1,163.94 (incl. VAT)
Availability : In stock

Tree Audio TreeQ 4 Fully functional 4-band parametric equalizer, utilizing Inward Connections' VF600 discrete amp blocks.
• High Band - sweepable from 1.2KHz to 25KHz with peak/shelf select switch
• Mid High Band - sweepable from 300Hz to 7KHz
• Mid Lo Band - sweepable from 80Hz to 1.6Hz
• Lo Band - sweepable from 20Hz to 300Hz with a peak/shelf select switch
• +/- 12dB cut & boost level for all 4 bands
• Adjustable bandwidth control for all 4 frequencies .20 to 2.0 per octave
• 41 detents on all frequency and level attenuators (recallable)
• 31 detents on all band width attenuators (recallable)
• Dual concentric knobs for frequency and bandwidth controls
• Lighted push button EQ in/out switch
• VF600 All Discrete Amp Blocks
• Differential balanced transformerless input
• Balanced output transformer
• Fits standard 500 Series slot configuration mechanically and electrically

500 Series Racks
Tree Audio
€5,133.71 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 15 days

The Tree Audio 3 in the Tree Dual allows you to configure your ultimate channel strips in a compact desktop design. The desktop unit holds six 500 series modules (modules not included). It includes full-featured custom meter modules (included) VU and PEAK. it features selectable linear faders or 24 position stepped potentiometers (1% resistors in 3 dB steps for final output). Bypass any or all modules with local switching. It includes an insert switch (insert additional equipment across final output). The headphone out (mono or stereo) includes level and mute control. Included are all-discrete Inward Connections VF600 amp blocks, Cinemag custom transformers. External linear power supply included. Handbuilt in the USA

500 Series Channel Strips
Tree Audio
€3,683.00 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 15 days

Tree Audio 3 on Tree is a desktop device offering 4 slots. The 3 first ones cant host 500 Series modules of your choice with Bypass makong the unit a modular 500 Series channel strip. The 4th section hosts a Vu meter plus a peak program meter (with Cut) and 1/4" TRS headphone output connector & Mute for headphone monitoring. A 24 positions output big ELMA volume knob or 100mm fader you can toggle between.

Cinemag custom transformers and VF600 Op-Amps, all discrete components. Plus a mono insert that can be activated. The PSU is external.

Please note, 500 Series modules are not included; only the metering module is included.

Tree Audio
€61,283.99 (incl. VAT)
Availability : Please contact us

Three Audio The Roots 16 Console is a tracking and mixing analog console in 16 channels version. Each channel strip hosts a tube Mic Pre, a 2 band tube EQ, and a tube optical limiter. The master channel of the Roots can host 4 x 500 Series modules. The Meter bridge offers a full monitoring section, master Vu meters, Buss and Master Sends and The external PSU is also regulated by tubes. Tubes everywhere!

Analog Consoles
Tree Audio
€33,731.78 (incl. VAT)
Availability : Please contact us.

Three Audio The Roots Console is a tracking and mixing analog console in 8 channels version, also available in 16 channels version. Each channel strip hosts a tube Mic Pre, a 2 band tube EQ, and a tube optical limiter. The master channel of the Roots can host 4 x 500 Series modules. The Meter bridge offers a full monitoring section, master Vu meters, Buss and Master Sends and The external PSU is also regulated by tubes. Tubes everywhere!

Channel Strips
Tree Audio
€3,508.69 (incl. VAT)
Availability : 9 days
Tree Audio The Branch II may be all you need! It's a stand alone channel strip version of the Roots console, featuring all of the same controls as The Roots, as well as an internal regulated tube power supply. The Branches have been flying out the door. So if all you need is a single channel or two, this is it. It's simple to operate and has an amazing sound. Here's a recent Branch review in Sound on Sound Magazine's September Issue, really informative.

All tube channel Strip
• Same high quality sound and circuity as the Roots Console
• Mic Pre / Line input / Direct input (Instrument DI)
• 2 band EQ
• Limiter




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